Finally, Salvation (AKA – Horizant) from Restless Leg Syndrome

What is Reckless Leg Syndrome anyways?  My legs are restless sometimes, but that’s usually because I am anxious about something or excited, I have an impulse to move and *gasp* my legs MOVE. Many men and women however are apparently willing to pop a pill in order to stop their legs from moving around. Damn joints and muscles, can’t wait for the day we evolve into eggplant shaped blobs with permanent myopia in our bean-sized eyes because they are ever fixated on the television.

“Restless Legs Syndrome, also referred to as Ekbom Disease, is a long-term neurological condition characterized by an urge to move caused by unpleasant sensations in the legs,” said Richard K. Bogan, M.D., FCCP, chairman and chief medical officer of SleepMed of South Carolina in Columbia, and a clinical trial investigator. “Our experience has shown that patients with moderate-to-severe primary Restless Legs Syndrome can suffer from a range of disruptive symptoms and may benefit from a new treatment option.” [1]

You know, I am glad in our day and age that people with lots of letters and titles behind their name are able to develop chemicals that treat…well just about anything. Maybe you need to get out of the office and do some exercise? Maybe you need to eat healthier foods? Maybe you should begin hanging around inspiring people?  Oh wait…what is that you say?  That takes effort?  You just want a pill in stead? Oh…ok. And what is that…you’ll pay tons of money for those pills? Enter pharmaceutical giants — manufacturing the antidote for human effort since 1922. (allow me to qualify, I am genuinely thankful for the pharma companies for making drugs that battle massive diseases like cancer and AIDS or that allow women to have choice in terms of getting pregnant but Pharma companies have a bottom line that they clearly prefer bolstering over offering the best option for their clients).

The FDA approved Horizant for Restless Leg Syndroms (RLS) just a few days ago, and the army of (GlaxoSmithKline) GSK sales reps are now being assembled and trained to target physicians that see and can prescribe Horizant for their patients.  Horizant is co-owned by GSK and XenoPort.

The effectiveness of Horizant was studied in two 12-week clinical trials in adults. The trials showed that people taking the medication had an improvement in their RLS symptoms, compared with people taking an inactive pill (placebo).

Horizant contains gabapentin enacarbil that becomes gabapentin, a drug used to treat seizures in people with epilepsy, when absorbed into the body. All drugs used to treat epilepsy carry warnings that they may cause suicidal thoughts and actions in a small number of people. Horizant will have the same warning. [2]

Well there you have it. If you suffer from a diagnosis called Restless Leg Syndrome, and want a pill for it, which by the way, you’ll probably need another pill to curb the side effects of Horizant at some point down the road (pssst, more cash for the Pharma companies), then I’m happy your happy.

My advice?  Exercise, eat right, meditate and live an inspiring life and hang around inspiring people! I have no doubt RLS will not bother you any longer.

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7 thoughts on “Finally, Salvation (AKA – Horizant) from Restless Leg Syndrome

  1. if you had restless legs, and went days without sleeping, and tried exercise, diet, etc. you wouldn’t talk like this.
    Restless legs isn’t just laziness, and looking for something to complain about.

    • Hi Cathy,

      I am so glad you spoke up. You are right, I do not have a diagnoses of RLS. I am however currently engaged in some research involving the masterful way pharmaceutical companies will advertise for a “disease” and the proper remedy for it, bank on it for a decade until horrible side effect information surfaces. I might have a touch of cynicism when analyzing big pharma these days. But out of sheer curiosity, may I ask you a few things?
      – When you tried to exercise and eat right, how long did you actually exercise for? Were you consistent?
      – How did you change your diet? How long did the change last?
      – Are you on medication for RLS and if so, are the pills that you are taking helping you?
      – Have you noticed any side effects from the medication?


  2. Good post, I like the part about those big businesses cashing in on a drug and then even more to curbe the side effects of the first one.

    I got RLS and I take VB12M for relief (no side effects) latest talk of the town about RLS though seems to be dopamine and how self gratification can give relief. I would love to hear your take on that

  3. Hi Jenny, thanks for writing in. This is the first I am hearing about dopamine and self gratification giving relief for RLS. I will research that more and will maybe even write a blog all about that.

    Thanks again
    – Kim

  4. Just stumbled across this article now.

    Have been exercising 4-5 times a week since Feb and have lost approx 15kg (in combination with a healthier diet). I also work as an oncology nurse so am on my feet for 95% of my work day and it would be fair to say that all of my patients are inspiring people.

    I too, thought that perhaps RLS was my body telling me to do more but the increase in exercise has actually worsened my symptoms. My doctor and I have tried to avoid the need for medication (as I am quite young) but I have reached the point of wanting to give it a go.

    At the end of the day – if ‘popping a pill’ can enable me to get some reprieve from this awful feeling – then I am all for it and really don’t know how someone who has not even experienced RLS can say that it could be fixed with exercise, diet and hanging around ‘inspiring’ people.

    Also, gabapentin is rarely used as treatment for seizures – it’s primary use is for neuropathic pain which I assume you believe to be another condition ‘made up’ by pharmaceutical companies in order to make money??

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