Philadelphia Area Doctor Performs “Bloodless” Stem Cell Transplants

Here is an excerpt from, and link to, a new story about a doctor who specializes in doing “bloodless” stem cell transplants.  A multiple myeloma patient is featured in the story…

What is bloodless surgery?
March 22, 2011 – ABC Action News – Philadelphia – By Ali Gorman, RN
….Dr. Patricia Ford performs so-called “bloodless” bone marrow transplants. To do this, she says, first, a patient’s own blood count is built up.

“There’s a lot of strategies by using iron and folate, and some injectables that we use to stimulate the bone marrow to make some blood cells,” Dr. Ford said.

She says blood is conserved, meaning less blood draws for testing.

After the procedure, patients are monitored closely and given medications to prevent bleeding.  The process of blood management is used for other surgeries, as well.

Jennie Gallina has been getting those blood-boosters for several weeks, to prepare for a double knee replacement. She, too, is a Jehovah’s Witness.

But the techniques aren’t just for people with religious objections to transfusions.  Many are now standard throughout Pennsylvania Hospital…

Fascinating!  Read more and watch the new story by going to: Stem Cell Transplant.

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