Brain Gates Make my Knees Weak

The Terminator: Brain Gates of the Future

I admit, I really, really enjoy learning about the Brain Gate and other neuron/technology interfaces. It probably stems back to my first glimpse of the movie Terminator. I saw it when I was very young…perhaps too young. But don’t blame my parents; I remember watching it between the slits in the wooden folding door that sectioned off the TV room from the hallway connecting to our bedrooms.  Well, after that atom bomb went off in Sarah Connor’s dream, my thought process went something like this:

  1. These robots are really scary
  2. Atom bombs are terrifyingly cool looking
  3. I want to make a difference when I grow up because I am not really down with what I see around me (in reality, not the movie)
  4. I like science
  5. Maybe I will make androids that will radically change our culture…like the terminator?
  6. It may be dangerous and it may be really bad
  7. But at least things could change

I studied biochemistry in college with the intention to go onto some kind of neuro-tech PhD program. At some point in my freshman year, I acquired an image of a neuron cultured onto a computer processor chip and framed it in the most expensive picture frame I had (a small wood frame mounted on a lopsided iron stand, bizarrely, the frame also rotated), set it on my dresser and paid homage to it on a daily basis. It became my guiding principal.

Thankfully, I met a spiritual teacher in my senior year of college and my android aspirations were forever derailed.  Through my spiritual teacher I learned about a far more subtle, yet profound way to affect our humanity, but that is a tale for another blog. The android train however never really stopped running completely.  Picture an image of a belly-up train with steam and oil sputtering from between the engine wheels, and sometimes the whistle blows.

I am writing a sci-fi book about androids based on this concept of the brain gate and I am fascinated by robotic prostheses. Although I can’t make them, I research them and then write about them, passionately, avidly and frequently.

Two of my favorite videos that I can and do watch again and again is one featuring a women named Cathy Hutchinson who is paralyzed and suffers from permanent aphasia (she can’t speak) and has a brain gate implanted into her brain that is directly connected to a computer. HOW COOL IS THIS?

In this other video, although it is a bit of an old story shows a women (Claudia Mitchell) who lost her arm in combat and man (Jesse Sullivan) who lost both his arms while on the job working for a power company, but now both can move their robotic arms through extremely high tech, sensitive robotic arms.  I find it especially cool how technology of this caliber aids our nerves to remain stimulated which in turn allow our will to remain as active as possible in reality. Where can it take us next?

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