Clinical Trials for New Treatments for Fractures

Fractures of bones are caused by external forces. Human bones construct the basic structure of the body. However, when a bone cannot withstand an external pressure, it might get cracked, broken or fractured. Depending on the nature of fracture, it can be divided in few categories such as Stress Fracture, Compression Fracture, Rib Fracture, Skull Fracture etc. Fracture in children is a common cause of concern for the parents.

The symptoms of Fractures are mostly excruciating pain in the fractured area, swelling, bone dislocation etc. Often a Fracture is associated with some injury. So, the symptoms get aggravated with the additional discomforts due to the injury. Although a Fracture can be diagnosed by inspecting the dislocation from outside for most of the situations, however physicians always prefer to go for an X-ray image to become doubly assured about the Fracture.

The treatment of a Fracture depends on the severity of it. Splints are common used procedure to connect the fractured bone by plastering over the affected area. In addition to this, medicines are administered to control pain, swelling and other related discomforts. To deal with the injury, necessary actions are taken. However, in case of a complicated Fracture, physician might decide for surgery to set the bones back to original position. To support fractured bones, sometimes metal hardware is inserted through surgery.

Research professionals are conducting clinical trials for developing  effective treatments for Fractures. Clinical trials for Fractures are an important step in the development of new treatments and 74 clinical trials are currently active in the United State for Fractures. Of the 74 Fractures clinical trials (medical research studies), 1 clinical trials are in Phase I, 5 are in Phase II and 7 are in Phase III (read more about <a href=””>what the different phases of a clinical trial mean and how they differ</a>). These Cinical trials are being performed and managed in 115 cities by 109 different clinical trial investigators (doctors who conduct and supervise the clinical study).

Listed below are some Clincial Trials, Interventions being investigated and Research Sites conducting the trials

Fractures clinical trials interventions

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Sites/Medical Centers doing Fractures Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trial Investigators for Fractures

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List of Clinical Trials for Fractures

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