Nature Cure – Its Philosophy and Principles

Continuing with my series of posts on Nature Cure (see other posts on the Method and Practice of Nature Cure), I am going to talk about the Philosophy of Nature Cure. The human body is a complex and highly self regulated system of life processes. Growth, maintenance, decay, regeneration, ingestion and excretion take place within the body in a self induced autonomous way. When there is harmony in these functions, the individual experiences health and well being whereas when there is an imbalance or disharmony of any kind in any of the bodily functions, the individual is faced with health issues of the basic and critical kinds, depending upon the extent and duration of the internal imbalance build up.

Based on this simple yet deep understanding of the universal principles of nature as operational in the human body, Nature Cure seeks to promote health by using the body’s own self healing mechanism and vital energy. Broadly speaking it uses three basic principles:

  • Unity of Diseases – All diseases are a result of the accumulation of waste material in the body which have not been eliminated through the five organs of elimination (skin, kidneys, liver, lungs and colon).
  • Disease as Nature’s cleansing mechanism – Nature cure believes that the body performs all its functions through a vital energy, which can be taken to mean the basic energy that drives every cell and sustains its life cycle. This natural vital force is always at work to process all ingested substances for the nourishment of the body and also to expel the waste products or poisonous substances that have been ingested due to lack of a healthy lifestyle or any other accidental hazard. Given this, every ‘dis-ease’ is a heightened effort by the body’s vital force to throw out the toxic build up from the body.
  • Unity of Cure – A diseased body can be restored to health by aiding the elimination of toxins from the body using the body’s own natural process and external natural factors like fasting, dieting, hydrotherapy, natural medicine etc. In this way, rather than treat a specific disease, Nature Cure seeks to treat the whole body by ridding it of the toxins, thus in effect ‘curing’ the disease.

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