Summary of Clinical Trials, New Treatments for Headache (Yes that is Right)

Headache is a common problem for almost every one has experienced it at some point or the other. Although it is not considered as a serious concern, in some situations it might hamper daily activities and can be quite discomforting with excruciating pain in the head or neck area. The pain can be mild or severe and can affect various parts of head or neck. It can stay for a while or can persist for few hours, depending on the severity.  Headache is often associated with other symptoms like dizziness, feeling feverish, weakness, vision problem, cold, pain in eye, ear or face etc.

Headache can be triggered from various conditions including excessive stress and tension, migraine, physical exhaustion, muscle pain, hunger, certain medications, withdrawal from any addiction, eye problem, before or during menstruation etc. Mild headache can be treated at home by taking rest or releasing stress by some methods. Over-the-counter pain medications are also quite effective for mild headache. However, doctors’ attention is required to handle severe headache to learn about the cause and find out the respective treatment. In most of the cases, headache can be controlled by curing its underlying cause.

Scientists are looking forward to discover more effective medicines and treatments and are conducting various studies and clinical trials. The clinical trials for headache are being conducted in 330 cities and are being performed by 77 different clinical trial investigators (doctors who conduct and supervise the clinical study). There are currently 78 different interventions being investigated in headache clinical trials.  Of the 56 headache clinical trials (medical research studies), 5 clinical trials are in Phase I, 6 are in Phase II and 6 are in Phase III (read more about <a href=””>what the different phases of a clinical trial mean and how they differ</a>).

Headache clinical trials interventions

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Sites/Medical Centers doing Headache Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trial Investigators for Headache

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List of Clinical Trials for Headache

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If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial of headache, you can find trials near you.

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