What is Disease? Perspectives From Nature Cure

According to the philosophy and practice of Nature Cure, a disease is a particular symptom generated within a specific organ of the body due to toxic build up in the blood stream. Toxins build up due to a wide variety of factors ranging from improper diet, lack of physical exercise and training, sedentary lifestyles, environmental pollution, exposure to poisonous substances, habits contributing to nervous exhaustion and enervation like worry, overwork and excesses of all kinds.

The creation of disease.

Whenever the blood stream gets loaded with toxic matter, it seeks to push it out through the nearest and weakest organ available. The organ then develops what we recognise as the symptoms of the disease. All acute diseases like fevers, cold, inflammation, digestive disturbances and skin eruptions seen in this way are essentially a state of dis-ease where a particular organ or organ system’s composition is not in its natural harmony and is vigorously trying to expel waste matter or toxins.

Often, the response to this diseased condition is to suppress the symptoms through drugs, narcotics, vaccines, and surgeries and consider the disease as cured. But this only leads to an immediate superficial relief while the bloodstream and organ tissues remain uncleansed. Over a long period of time, this suppression inevitably leads to a more chronic form of the initial disease where nature’s constructive force via the vital energy is not able to expel the toxins out of the body. Nature Cure envisages the real treatment of any acute or chronic disease by ceasing all suppressive treatments and helping the body’s natural rigour to expel the poisonous matter.

Thus, a Naturopath takes into account all the factors in a person’s habits and their environment that may have been disturbed and contributed to the accumulation of toxins or enervation. He seeks to correct these disturbances and allows the body to recover itself. He helps in the nature’s effort to overcome disease by applying the correct natural modalities and controlling the natural forces to work within safe limits.

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