A friend of mine just said, “Everyone has their own path in life. You can’t compare yourself to anyone else.” That’s a nice thought.  But what if I’m comparing my current 30 year-old self to say, my 24 year-old self? Mentally, yes, I’m a hair further along. But physically, I’ve regressed and that’s putting it nicely. You might also say my abs have turned to mush. Or at least, they’re hiding under a warm blanket of mush. I’m 6’0″ and 180 pounds, which doesn’t sound that bad, but it’s a soft 180. Trust me, I could do a 5000 word post on my lack of fitness, but there’ll be plenty of self-loathing as this blog develops.

So what is this blog anyway? Well, the editor at Cure Talk asked me to contribute a few times per month, but the joke’s on them because I don’t actually know much about health! Ok, they knew that going in. I think the point is for me to explore health issues as they relate to my life as an average dude. For example, my father died on January 5th from a massive heart attack at 59 years old. If I were to blog about that I could do a few different things.

I could write about how it’s a wake-up call, especially in light of the fact that my father’s father died of a massive heart attack at 46. I could say that the desire to get in shape has taken on more urgency. I could also use it to encourage people my age to talk to their aging parents more about their health. That’s not something my dad and I did very often. I didn’t know if he was getting regular check-ups (turns out he wasn’t).

We did not look alike.

Didn’t mean to get you down. My mom’s still alive! So’s her mom at 96! More on my extended family later. I know you’re interested. Whatever I write about, I’ll always try to tie it, however loosely to some kind of clinical research. I hope that you’ll give me feedback and ask questions. I’m here to learn too.

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