Motor Neuron Disease: Updates on Clinical Trials, Latest Treatments, Research Sites

Motor Neurons are the cells responsible for controlling the activity of voluntary muscles, which includes normal body movement, walking, speaking, breathing and swallowing. Any disorder affecting these motor neurons are generally known as Motor Neuron Diseases or MND. The symptoms of these diseases could be progressive weakness of muscle leading to paralysis, slurred speech, numbness in limbs, difficulty swallowing and so on. Depending on the level of complication, the diseases are divided in different categories.

It is very difficult to find out the underlying causes for  MND onset. Genetic factor is one of the important issues related to this problem. Others could be viral or toxic or even environmental. Scientists are still trying to identify these causes for ease of treatments.

The treatment procedures and methods for MND varies depending upon the type of the disease. There are medications to control the nervous disorder. However, more importance is given for rehabilitation sessions, in case any body part gets seriously affected or paralyzed.

Several research and clinical studies are being conducted in this field to learn about effective medications and treatment procedures. Approximately 15 clinical trials are currently active in the United State for Motor Neuron Disease. There are currently five different interventions being investigated in these clinical trials. MND clinical trials are being conducted in 8 cities and are being performed by 9 different clinical trial investigators (doctors who conduct and supervise the clinical study).

Motor Neuron clinical trials interventions

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Sites/Medical Centers doing Motor Neuron Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trial Investigators for Motor Neuron

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List of Clinical Trials for Motor Neuron

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If you or your friend or family has motor neuron, then you may want to find a clinical trial. You can use the Motor Neuron Disease Clinical Trials tool to find a clinical trial near you.

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