Quick Summary of Latest Clinical Trials for Kidney Stones, Experimental Treatments and Research Doctors

Kidney stones are normally formed inside the kidney or urinary tract. These are actually hard, crystal-like or stone-like formations made of minerals and other substances. The common symptom of kidney stones is severe abdominal pain or groin pain. In acute stage, these can also cause hematuria or blood in urine.

Kidney stones can occur in various situations. These are more common for people under certain medications or certain diseases. Sometimes these are also transmitted from previous generations. People with high level of uric acid are more susceptible to this problem. Less amount of fluid intake is often becomes a major cause behind kidney stones.

Small sized kidney stones generally get flushed out of the body through urine, after consuming plenty of fluid. As far as pain is concerned, pain relieving medication is used to relieve the patient. In case of large sized stone, often lithotripsy is used, where the stone is broken into smaller pieces through shock waves. These smaller pieces easily come out through urine. However, if all these methods become unsuccessful, surgery is used to remove stone.

Medical experts are going through new developments for treating this problem by conducting medical studies and clinical trials. Clinical trials for kidney stones are an important step in the development of new treatments and 15 clinical trials are currently active in the United States for Kidney stones. There are currently 25 different interventions being investigated in kidney stones clinical trials. Some Kidney Stones clinical trials are being performed and managed in 45 cities by 33 different clinical trial investigators (doctors who conduct and supervise the clinical study).

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If you or your friend or family has kidney stones, then you may want to find a clinical trial. You can use the kidney stones clinical trials tool to find a medical study near you.

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