Daniel Negreanu, Clinical Trials, Poker and life


Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivy, Gus Hansen, Antonio Esfandiari are part of todays famous poker players. Poker is a fascinating game, its reputation stretches between underground gambling clubs and Ian Fleming’s hero, James Bond, in Casino Royal.

I love poker, not because I am a terrific player, which I am not, but because it is a source of simple analogy and example to the way we manage our life. Through out my career, I saw the poker as analogy for product management, weaving strategy and risk management. Basically, poker is all about risk management.



Most of us at the beginning recognize the poker game as another card game that one needs luck in order to win. Some people will say life is the cards that we’ve been dealt. When a player gains experience, he starts to apply tactics and then with the knowledge of statistics and probability, he constructs full strategies. And only the elite do the Jedi mind reading trick like Daniel Negreanu.


Life is not the cards you’ve dealt with, but how you play them!


So now what is the connection between poker and clinical trials? And between poker and TrialX!

Simple,  we help you to cheat the poker game of life. Assuming that you are all familiar with Texas Hold’m, we at TrialX.com, help you to get advantage over the other players.  We connect our site users (players) directly to the investigators conducting cutting edge clinical trial (medical research) studies. We allow you to get a peek at the cards that are at the table before they were turned over!!


Join us to flip cards (possible new treatments) faster! A small fact, but with enormous implications: 80% of the clinical trials are delayed because of the difficulty in finding patients for clinical trials. Only 3% of cancer patients enrol in clinical studies! Though 76% of those surveyed would like to enrol in clinical trials of new treatments if they had the right information.

Join our effort to improve patient recruitment and expedite the development of new treatments and possibly, cures. For more about the challenges to speeding up clinical trials and the potential of new technologies such as Personal Health Records (such as Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault) in the lead article authored by our team in the August issue of the ACRP’s Monitor.

And as always, read about the ‘Cure Heroes‘, those brave patients and the tireless research professionals who are working hard to advance medical knowledge and science.

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