Five months after my Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) diagnosis

I can’t believe it has been five months already since I received my RCC diagnosis. Recently, I got a few emails from readers of my blog and I am grateful and appreciative of their kind comments. They told me that it helped them in their own cancer journeys and that was, after all, my primary goal in writing and sharing about my own experience as a kidney cancer patient.

Health-wise, things are going fine. It’s remarkable how the body is capable of adjusting to a new situation in such short amount of time. Everything is back to normal.

Other than that, cancer left us with a huge bill and as a matter of fact, we still keep getting invoices from all over the place, for pathology, anesthesia, doctors. And that’s with a relatively good insurance! Well, things are getting very tight now and we are fighting for a home loan modification. I try to deal with the situation but emotionally, it kills me. The thought of an impending foreclosure is not good for a person who is known to be a worrier to begin with. But we shall see, the fight is not over yet.

The rest of the family is doing fine. Ann will have another full check up in a couple of months. We are all desperate for some sunshine after the recent snow and floods. Fortunately, we had no damages done to our property, unlike so many other families in our area.

I hope everybody is well out there. Yes, I feel guilty. I should blog more often and I should check your blogs more frequently, too. Darn.

Did I say that I feel guilty….;-)

Stay healthy.

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