Back to ‘Normal’

Life has me back. What a strange year it was, 2009. But I am back at work since January 1st and busier than ever. Health-wise I’m doing okay, nothing to complain about. I fully gained my normal strength back and my fitness level seems to go up slowly but continuously. Sometimes it feels a little strange inside my abdomen, right where my left kidney was taken out and also on the other side, were the remaining kidney now has to work twice as hard.

But I’m trying to eat and drink healthy. No more crap that could be detrimental to my health. I drink tons of green Mocha Tea every day and plenty of water.

Ann had an MRI done last week. It was quite nerve wracking, because they had to do re-do the procedure over again. She was in there for quite a while. After that, both her and I were very nervous about the results. It has been eleven months now since she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Two days later she called in to ask for the results. They won’t tell her anything over the phone for confidentiality reasons, which I understand. But then they told her, that they were not even allowed to mail her the report directly, but only via her doctors. How stupid is that? Anyway, she asked if she could stop by in person to pick up a copy and that was okay. She drove down to Carlstadt, NJ……and then she called as she was sitting in the car reading the report. She was in tears.

Everything is okay. Absolutely everything. What a relief. It would be foolish to declare victory prematurely, however, this was another huge milestone that was achieved.

I hope you are all doing well and had a great start in 2010.

Talk to you soon.


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