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No upfront cost. No Programming.

  • iOS or Android or Both
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • No Coding Needed
  • 30-day free trial
  • Pay monthly after app launch
  • View and Export Study Data
  • Get IRB/Grant Support Kit

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What is Appbakery?

Appbakery is a revolutionary digital health platform to build your mobile research study apps. No mobile programming needed. Just use a simple web wizard to design your app and get your study running in no time.

Using Appbakery powered apps, you can now collect data from patients using surveys, wearables, mobile phone sensors.


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Who is Appbakery for?

Are you a researcher, physician or a curious citizen scientist? And looking to collect survey and sensor/wearables data using smartphone Apps? Then Appbakery is the tool you need to quickly design your own study app. Using Appbakery you can make apps to collect patient-reported/generated health data to track lifestyle, psychosocial behavior, fitness, nutrition, sleep and much more. Build apps to collect data via surveys, or activity data via sensors/wearables and engage your participants via real time feedback insights.


Step counts
and activity





Blood pressure

Heart health


Mood study


Key Features

Research Study Design

  • Create prescreeners
  • Use Prebuilt Consent
  • Create multiple survey study arms
  • Randomization and arm allocation
  • IRB Submission Support Kit
  • Grant writing Support Kit

Research Study Data

  • Get all participant data in real-time
  • View all participant consent

Digital Health Tools

  • Integrate with wearables such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple Watch
  • Use data from Apple’s HealthKit or Google Fit

Mobile App Features

  • Launch on both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)
  • Send push notifications for reminders or study arm specific messages
  • Mobile specific data such as photos, audio, video and sensors

Data Sources

Connect with all of em. More coming soon.

Pricing & Plans

No cost to build App using Web UI and to get Test App. Pay only when App is made live.

Cookie Plan Muffin Plan Cake Plan
Number of Surveys

Make surveys based on your study with dropdown, checkbox, images, scale questions etc. or choose standard surveys available

3 Surveys Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile Platform

Opt for android or iOS or both. No need to make separate apps for each platform

iOS or Android Both Both
Sensor & Wearables Variables

Integrate your app with a variety of wearables (Fitbit, Misfit,) or phone sensors (GPS, barometer)

2 Variable only 5 Variables only All Variables
Online App Promotion

Promotion of study app on our social media network and newsletters

Promotions not available in this plan. Yes
(Via Twitter mentions)
(Twitter and Newsletter outreach)

Co-ordinate with our creative team to make your unique app logo.

Customization not available in this plan. App logo App logo plus basic customization of upto
(Up to 2 screens)
Cost (only pay after App is made live) $ 400/mth $ 800/mth $ 1400/mth

*All prices cover 5000 participants.

All plans come with a 30-day Free testing period for you to build and test your app for Free.

Building an app is expensive. But don’t take our word for it, find out for your self.

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Is the data stored or sent to Apple or Google?

No. All app data is sent from the devices to our servers in encrypted form. Data is stored in our secure databases with access to only authorized individuals. No study data is stored on users phone.

Describe in detail the protections that will be implemented to maintain the confidentiality of consent forms and data.

We follow all industry best practices for HIPAA compliance. Data is sent from the devices to our servers in encrypted form using SSL encryption. All images and signature images are encoded. All database access is restricted to authorized individuals only. An audit log is maintained for all server access.

Where and how will data be stored?

Data is stored in our secure databases with access to only authorized individuals. This includes all images too. No study data such as participant name, consent, survey responses is stored on users phone. Only data that is already being tracked on their phone using phone sensors like GPS, barometer, step tracking and which maybe also shared by the user for the purpose of the study remains on the phone as that data is outside the study app itself and the study app does not have permission to delete this data from the user’s phone.

How long will the data be stored?

Data is stored on our servers as long as the researcher / research team want the study app to be hosted live on the App stores. After the study app is removed, we store the data only for a period of 30 days. All data is made available to study teams via secure download. Study teams can also download the data anytime and request deletion before the 30 day period. Once the data is deleted it will no longer be stored or available with TrialX

Who will have access to all study materials?

The Principle Investigator, who creates the app using Appbakery will get access to the study data hosted on Appbakery. Thereafter they can download the data as CSV/Excel files and share it with their research team as they see fit.

How will study materials be destroyed?

Appbakery only provides the platform to build the study app and store the study data. Once the study is data collection is done, we will delete the App and the study data within 30 days of study app is closed.

How will data be transported and who is responsible for receipt or transmission of the data?

All data collected by the app is held strictly confidential and secure. Data is sent to our servers in encrypted form using SSL(secure socket layer) standard technology.

Will data be used for future research?

Depending on the study and research team plans, data may be used for future research. Appbakery does not control how the research team will use the data collected.

Where will data analysis take place and how will data security be maintained during analysis?

Appbakery provides the data collected by the study app as downloadable files. The research team can run analysis on their local software outside Appbakery and will need to follow their institutional process to maintain security during the analysis process.

Can you help me with estimate for my Grant or IRB submission?

Yes. We have tools to help you get materials for putting in your grant and also generating an IRB packet once you build an app.

We need several apps for our institution, can I get a bulk license?

Yes, we do offer a bulk license – you can get it touch

How can I make payments?

You will need to put a credit card and we will bill it monthly and generate an invoice PDF. Please contact us if you need to send in payments through a different mechanism.

Why should I use and not build my own Appbakery app?

Yes, you can build your own App. But building an App can easily take 4 months or more. Plus you will need to write two apps, one for Apple iOS and one for Android phones. This can cost you easily $50,000 plus, with Appbakery you get an app in minutes and it runs on both iOS and Android.