Quiniodochlor (Entero Quinol) Side Effects, Dosage, Interaction Information

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What is Quiniodochlor (Entero Quinol)?

It has primarily been used as an anti-diarrheal medication. It has a weak amoebicidal, antifungal and antibacterial activity. The drug has been banned in several countries because it can damage the sight. But it continues to be sold in some developing countries. ’This drug is commonly sold as Brand Name Entero Quinol. It is also sold as Dermo Quinol topical anti-fungal cream

Entero Quinol acts against both the trophozoite and cystic forms of E. histolytica. The anti-bacterial action of Entero Quinol substantially reduces pathogenic bacteria in the gut. Entero Quinol acts against both the trophozoite and cystic forms of E. histolytica. The antiseptic action of Entero Quinol substantially reduces pathogenic bacteria in the gut. Entero Quinol ensures relief of gastrointestinal irritation, rapid reduction in the number of bowel evacuations and rapid restoration of general feeling of well being. It also plays a great role in the control of intestinal candidiasis.

Indication/Contraindication for use of Quiniodochlor (Entero Quinol)

  • Diarrhea.
  • In GI infections like amoebiasis
anti-diarrheals, Gastrointestinal

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  1. Quiniodochlor (Dermo Quinol) Side Effects, Indications, Interactions, Dose Prescribing Information says:

    [...] is sold as  Entero Quinol in the form of oral tablet and as Dermo Quinol topic cream. It is mainly sold in some south east [...]

  2. sanjay gupta says:

    Generic name Use Reason for ban Brand names(s)
    1. Analgin Pain-killer Bone-marrow depression Novalgin, Baralgan
    2. Cisapride Acidity, constipation Irregular heart beat Ciza, Syspride
    3. Droperidol Anti-depressant Irregular heart beat Droperol
    4. Furazolidone Anti-diarrhoeal Cancer Furoxone, Lomofen*
    5. Nimesulide Pain-killer, fever Liver failure Nise, Nimulid
    6. Nitrofurazone Anti-bacterial cream Cancer Furacin, Emfurazone,
    7. Phenolphthalein Laxative Cancer Jetomisol-P*
    8. Phenylpropanolamine Cold & cough Stroke D’Cold*, Vicks Action 500*
    9. Oxyphenbutazone NSAID Bone marrow depression Sioril
    10. Piperazine Anti-worms Nerve damage Piperazine, Helmazan*
    11. Quiniodochlor Anti-diarrhoeal Damage to sight Enteroquinol
    * Denotes it is a combination product.
    Analgin, Furazolidone and Nitrofurazone are banned for use even in animals in the United States.
    Analgin is banned even in Nepal, Vietnam and Nigeria (Reference: MIMS INDIA, September, 2005)

    Govt. Of India , National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has increased the price of Enteroquinol Tablets 20 Tab as per circular No. v. 2692(E) 28-11-2011 Quinidochlor from Rs. 12.84 to Rs. 16.09 per 20 tabs

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