Pyritinol (Encephabol and Encefabol) Side Effects, Indications, Interactions, Dosage Information

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What is Pyritinol (Encephabol and Encefabol)?

Pyritinol is a type of central nervous system stimulants. Pyritinol belongs to category of anti-alzheimer’s drugs.

It improves, in particular, disturbed cerebral metabolism activating glucose metabolism and enhancing cerebral cholinergic transmission. It also improves blood fluidity which results in increased cerebral microcirculation in regions with deficient blood flow. Drug protects the nerve cells against consequences of hypoxia, poor perfusion, disturbances of glucose and protein metabolism and alcohol abuse. It also activates cortical and sub cortical structures in the brain and thus increases vigilance.

Pyritinol also called pyridoxine disulfide or pyrithioxine is a semi-natural water soluble analog of vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl).

This drug is commonly sold as Brand Name Encephabol.

Indication/Contraindication for use of Pyritinol (Encephabol and Encefabol)

  • Cerebrovascular accidents, organic brain syndrome, intellectual impairments of senility, disturbed cerebral development n children and adolescents, prenatal distress, squeal of head injuries, encephalitis, post anesthetic recovery and alcohol withdrawal states.
  • Contraindicated in Rheumatoid arthritis.

Side Effects of Pyritinol (Encephabol and Encefabol)

  • Sleep disturbances increased excitability, loss of appetite, headache, tiredness.
  • Rashes of skin & mucus membranes, itching, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Dosage and Prescribing Information for Pyritinol (Encephabol and Encefabol)

200mg three times daily for at least 6-8 wks.

Drug Interactions of Pyritinol (Encephabol and Encefabol)

Not known.

Precautions while prescribing Pyritinol (Encephabol and Encefabol)

  • Pregnancy: Use with caution
  • Lactation: Use with caution
  • Safe to use with Elderly and Children
Central Nervous System

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2 Responses to “Pyritinol (Encephabol and Encefabol) Side Effects, Indications, Interactions, Dosage Information”

  1. amene says:

    Could you please explain the reason for the contra I ndication of piritinol in rheumatoid arthritis?

    • Kirsten says:

      there is evidence of some side-effect of this supplement in arthritis patients. here is a note from a site

      The one major exception to Pyritinol’s low side-effect profile occurred in the large-scale rheumatoid arthritis trial. The authors note that Pyritinol side effects “were mostly nuisance events, which led to stopping therapy [in some cases], but did not constitute a health risk for the patient and were fully and rapidly reversible.” (3) However, they also note a general trend in the Pyritinol-arthritis literature of about 2% potentially serious adverse effects involving blood, kidney or liver, which makes it important for regular monitoring of liver enzymes, urine status and blood cell status when using Pyritinol to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

      I would recommend talking to your doctor

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