Amoxapine (Ascendin and Asendis) Side Effects, Indications, Interactions, Dosage Information

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What is Amoxapine (Ascendin and Asendis)?

Amoxapine is a type of antidepressive agents, tricyclic. Amoxapine belongs to category of antidepressive agents, tricyclic drugs.

It is a tetracyclic antidepressant compound. Drug is contra indicated in children. because it lower the seizure threshold to the extent that fits may be precipitated,,specially in children. Cardiovascular effects & anticholinergic side ef fects are much reduced. Amoxapine is used in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorder, and bipolar disorder. Amoxapine is contra indicated in children because it lower the seizure threshold to the extent that fits may be precipitated, specially in children. Cardiovascular effects and anti-cholinergic side effects are much reduced. It also has action similar to anatypical antipsychotic.

This drug is commonly sold as Brand Name Ascendin.

Indication/Contraindication for use of Amoxapine (Ascendin and Asendis)

  • Restore normal behaviour.
  • Renal, hepatic, cardiac insufficiency.
  • Observe compulsive neurosis and phobic states.
  • Endogenous depression.

Side Effects of Amoxapine (Ascendin and Asendis)

Drowsiness, blood dyscrasias, jaundice, donvulsions, postural hypotension, cardiac ar rhythmias.

Dosage and Prescribing Information for Amoxapine (Ascendin and Asendis)

Initially 100-150 mg daily. Maint: 150-250 mg Max. 300 mg daily. Elderly initially 25 mg twice daily increasing after 5-7 days to maximum of 50 mg 3 times a day.

Drug Interactions of Amoxapine (Ascendin and Asendis)

Potentiates sedative effect of alcohol, antiparkinson agents,antipsychotic drugs increase risk of anticholinergic effects. Reduce effect of anti hypertensives. Potentates hypertensive effects of sympathetics. Reduced serum levels with barbiturates. Neuroleptics inhibit metabolism.

Precautions while prescribing Amoxapine (Ascendin and Asendis)

  • Paediatrics: Contraindicated.
  • Mania, hypomania, severe liver disease, diabetes, myocardial infarction.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Lactation: Contraindicated.
  • Elderly: Use with cation.
  • Pregnancy: Contraindicated.
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