Internationalization Feature to Help with Launch of Multi-language Research Study Apps

04 Dec

Internationalization Feature to Help with Launch of Multi-language Research Study Apps

by Priya Menon

Communication between patients and research study staff can be challenging if both parties have different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Specialized applications can potentially alleviate these problems and significantly contribute to an effective, improved care process when foreign language app users are involved. Being able to follow study instructions and consent in a native language can increase the comfort level of study participants.


Adapting your research study app to a new language is important. If your research study app is only available in English, there is a large untapped market of potential study participants who can’t or won’t participate in your study if it’s not available in their preferred language.


Creating Android or iOS research study apps in different languages is now easy with Appbakery’s Internationalization feature. Select the language you desire to make your apps in, and make your app live in multiple languages in a matter of minutes with our DIY research study app maker. Don’t worry about the content, it will appear exactly the same, irrespective of the language on which the device is operating.


Perhaps one of the simplest techniques for increasing downloads and participation is localization or internationalization, which basically involves reworking your study app to fit into a local market, with the most obvious step – to translate your app into the native language. Use Appbakery’s internationalization feature to launch multi-lingual research study apps easily.


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