French Dressing: cook and enjoy!

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French Dressing is a tasteful and a tantalizing recipe that will whet your appetite! If you want to cook French Dressing you will need to have the following ingredients vinegar, vegetable oil, lemon juice, paprika and dry mustard.

It take approximately 10 minutes to cook this dish and its calorie content is approximately 245 calories. Let your friends and family know about this awesome dish!

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  • @IcaJell: French dressing is disgusting. #westerndressingtoo #yuck

    4 mins ago
  • @disCANDYsweeet: I love French dressing !! That is all 👍😃

    5 mins ago
  • @Dentisht: Spicy masala roasted chicken & salad with French dressing & balsamic. #Dinner

    8 mins ago
  • @aelise9413: One thing I don't like about the South: no French dressing 😢

    38 mins ago
  • @Magic_Unicorn: I'm pretty sure French dressing is just ketchup and mayo.

    40 mins ago
  • @im_SHIMMERING: McDonald's gave me French dressing instead of southwest. I'm so fuckin mad man

    41 mins ago
  • @DaveBartlett0: @WendySparrow I use a fat free French or Italian dressing straight from a bottle. (Sometimes honey & mustard, but that's higher in calories)

    55 mins ago
  • @skullsmedley: broccoli and french fries w ranch dressing now doesn't that sound very healthy

    59 mins ago
  • @byLangley: What about a salad w French fries and ranch dressing was a good idea to eat for lunch. #heartattack disguised w lettuce.

    1 hour ago
  • @kent_swanson: @mellinger What kind of impact would Jeff Francouer's "Hit it Occasionally" French Dressing have on the ball club?

    1 hour ago
  • @lexbennett3: Serious cravings for pasta with French dressing on it....

    2 hours ago
  • @PnKDiamonz: great now, I smell like French dressing now 🙊🙊

    2 hours ago
  • @Clarvinn: Home made salad with french dressing. Nomz #salad

    2 hours ago
  • @thuggieboi1: Is putting CREAMY French dressing on my SALAD< CHEATING!!??? O.0

    2 hours ago
  • @Alicecharl: @dugjt @LissyWyn #jalice made rustic potatoes too, along with some incredible french dressing

    2 hours ago

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