Guest Blog by Sarthak Sinha on Repairing the Peripheral Nervous System Using Stem Cells From The Skin

Sarthak Sinha

Sarthak Sinha is a student at Henry Wise Wood High School in Calgary, Alberta. Sarthak has been working the past two years doing graduate-level research in Jeff Biernaskie’s Experimental Medicine and Stem Cell Biology lab, University of Calgary. He has represented Canada and contributed towards field of medicine in many an international competition. Read more [...]

U.S. reovirus research focusing on Reolysin


  Before I move on, here is a link to another video clip featuring Dr. Don Morris in Alberta, Canada: YouTube/Dr. Morris, University of Calgary/Reovirus But what about research featuring reovirus in the United States? A engineered form of the reovirus, Reolysin, is already being tested on patients.  Check-out this information I found about Reolysin [...]

Canadian reovirus research impressive

Multiple myeloma

Fred from Canada forwarded me several interesting links about a virus that “seems to want to kill myeloma cells,” according to Dr. Don Morris with the University of Calgary: Wednesday August 29, 2012 Myeloma breakthrough at the U of C Researchers at the University of Calgary are looking at using a virus to treat a [...]