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  • Priya Menon Prostate Cancer Treatment Interruptions Can Shorten Men’s Life: Study Presented At ASCO
    , June 7, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    In a large study, continuous hormonal therapy for men with prostate cancer was found to be better than intermittent therapy. The trial results were presented at the annual meeting of ASCO held in Chicago. It is normal practice to interrupt or take breaks from the hormonal therapy for prostate cancer. It was believed that intermittent [...]

  • Priya Menon Prostate Cancer Mortality and Smoking: Three Interesting Studies
    , May 30, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    It was by sheer accident that I landed up with literature connecting prostate cancer with smoking. CureTalk has been following lung cancer these last few months and I was browsing through studies relating to lung cancer and smoking that I came across this liaison. My curiosity was piqued and I delved a little further to [...]

  • Priya Menon Cure Talk’s Interview With Dr. Richard J. Ablin – Robert Benjamin Ablin Foundation For Cancer Research and More – Part 3
    , May 11, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    We come to the concluding part of CureTalk’s interview with the eminent scientist, Dr. Richard. J. Ablin (read part 1 andpart 2), where he talks about Warren Buffet’s recent prostate cancer diagnosis, advice to people who believe in PSA screening, and his cancer research foundation. Me: Tell us about the Robert Benjamin Ablin Foundation for [...]

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