Anniversary Time at Cure Panel Talk Show

Anniversary Time at Cure Panel Talk Show

first anniversary

Cure Panel Talk Show Celebrates First Anniversary in AUGUST 2013 : Experts Featured on Cure Panel

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  • Priya Menon The Cure Panel Talk Show Crosses Over 100k Listens! SHOUTOUT to All Supporters!!!
    , June 27, 2013 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

      A Big Thank you to all our supporters! We just crossed >100,000 replays of our broadcasts on BlogTalkRadio and we want to thank each and every one of you. The Cure Panel Talk Show relies on the support of its participants and we are blown away by your continuous trust in our work towards [...]

  • Priya Menon ‘A Good Caregiver Is The Number One Stress Reducer’ Say Panelists in The Cure Panel Talk Show on Myeloma with Don Baylor and Dr. Berenson – LISTEN HERE!!!
    , June 21, 2013 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

      ‘Impact of Stress and Managing Stress while Living with Myeloma’ was the topic of discussion on The Cure Panel Talk Show with MLB Coach Don Baylor, myeloma expert Dr. James Berenson from IMBCR and myeloma author/blogger Pat Killingsworth. The show was co-hosted by myeloma survivor/blogger Matt Goldman. LISTEN HERE! Listen to internet radio with [...]

  • Priya Menon How To Access Cure Panel Talk Show Broadcasts
    , June 14, 2013 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Cure Panel Talk Shows are broadcast live on BlogTalkRadio. Anyone from anywhere in the world can access these shows using a telephone or a computer. 1)      Dial-in Using your Phone: If you want to be among the first 50 who register for the event and be able to ask a question live on the show [...]

  • Priya Menon There is a NEW FUTURE in Multiple Myeloma Treatments – Survival Rates and Life Expectancy Surge Forward! – Gary Petersen
    , February 7, 2013 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Gary Petersen, editor and co-host of Cure Panel Talk Show has written a brilliant blog on the recently held January Cure Panel Talk Show on multiple myeloma. Gary has been instrumental in making myeloma discussions on Cure Panel a success. January Cure Panel Talk Show saw Dr. Shaji K. Kumar and Dr. Edward A. [...]

  • Pat Killingsworth Cure vs Control broadcast link and a medical update
    , November 18, 2012

    While laying in a feverish stupor yesterday, I realized that I never posted a link to last month’s Myeloma Cure Panel broadcast that I hosted, Cure vs Control. It’s a bit rough, but it might be worth a listen on a rainy day: Listen HERE! To the Myeloma Cure Panel discussion with Pat Killingsworth on [...]

  • Priya Menon Panelists Blog About Cure vs. Control Myeloma Cure Panel Discussion
    , November 5, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Should you opt for an aggressive mode of treatment to attain an almost possible myeloma cure or do you think controlling your myeloma would provide you with better quality of life?  Well, these were some of the points that were discussed by Pat Killingsworth, Nick Van Dyk, Jack Aiello, and Gary Petersen on the October [...]

  • Priya Menon Myeloma Cure ‘OR’ Control Debate Heats Up, Gary Petersen’s Views
    , October 18, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    As the countdown for our Myeloma Cure Panel, scheduled for the 29thof October 2012, begins, the topic of panel discussion, Myeloma Cure vs. Control, is already initiating opinions. Editor of and Myeloma Cure Panel panelist, Gary Petersen writes that, ‘cure or control is a matter of choice’ and is one and the same thing. [...]

  • Priya Menon Myeloma Cure Panel Highlights: Dr. Parameswaran Hari Talks On Multiple Myeloma Disease Progression and Treatment – Part 1
    , October 4, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Dr. Parameswaran Hari was the myeloma expert on the recently broadcast myeloma cure panel. Dr. Hari spoke in detail about myeloma disease progression and provided panelists and listeners with graphic details of the condition. Click here to listen to the Myeloma Cure Panel broadcast. The web panel discussion began with Dr. Hari responding to co-host [...]

  • Pat Killingsworth Smoldering myeloma therapy debate
    , September 28, 2012

    For those of you that missed it, here is the link to Tuesday’s Myeloma Cure Panel online broadcast: Gary Peterson hosts Dr. Hari and Cure Talk Panel   Dr. Parameswaran Hari was the guest expert on the panel.  Dr. Hari is the Clinical Director of the Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Program and Associate Professor of [...]

  • Pat Killingsworth First Multiple Myeloma Cure Panel teleconference was broadcast yesterday
    , August 23, 2012

    I participated in an hour long panel discussion yesterday, featuring Dr. Ravi Vij, a myeloma and transplant expert from Washington University in St. Louis, along with a half dozen other patients and caregivers. Sponsored by TrialX, this Multiple Myeloma Cure Panel broadcast was the first of what I hope to be many teleconference style discussions [...]