Complete Form of Meditation

Complete Form of Meditation

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“Yoga Nidra is the practice of way of living our lives” – Dr. Richard Miller of iREST Yoga Nidra on The Cure Panel Talk Show.

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  • Gary Petersen Myeloma PhotoShop Collage
    , February 7, 2015

    Dana Holmes asked me to provide a collage of the photo shop work that has been presented on this site.  Dana has been instrumental in raising awareness for multiple myleloma, and has started the Mambo for Myeloma awareness and fundraising initiative.  My Son-in-Law Sean Murphy has provided all of this Photoshop work, and I can not tell you how much I appreciate his efforts.  My daughter Dana made an exc [...]

  • Pat Killingsworth Jim Bond overcomes GVHD with help from Boston Foundation for Sight
    , March 19, 2014

    Yesterday I wrote about how well former Patient Snapshot and recent allo (donor) stem cell transplant recipient, Jim Bond, was doing.  I briefly mentioned that Jim had been having problems with his eyes. Apparently things have improved.  But according to his wife and caregiver, Kathleen, it’s been a real struggle.  I was fascinated to learn […]

  • Pat Killingsworth Oncology nurses sound off about oral chemotherapy
    , March 18, 2014

    Remember Jim Bond?  I featured the long lived multiple myeloma survivor in several Patient Snapshot posts last year.  Last week I heard from his lovely wife and caregiver, Kathleen.  She says Jim is doing great! Apparently the only serious complication resulting from Jim’s allo (donor) stem cell transplant a year and a half ago: graft […]

  • Pat Killingsworth A cautionary tale: Neil’s allo transplant gone wrong (Part Two)
    , March 11, 2014

    Yesterday I shared Part One of Neil from New Jersey’s allogeneic (donor) transplant journey.  Check out what happened next: It was my choice (Neil’s wife, Pat) whether to proceed or not. We went with it and flooded him with antibiotics.  Neil still got C-diff (a hard-to-treat infection that often causes unremitting diarrhea). Yet somehow he […]

  • Pat Killingsworth A cautionary tale: Neil’s allo transplant gone wrong
    , March 10, 2014

    We haven’t heard much from recovering allogeneic (donor) stem cell transplant patient and our good friend, Tom.  Still no word about whether his transplant has halted his myeloma or not.  But all is well and his recovery has gone surprisingly well so far.  But things don’t always work out.  Allos are risky procedures. I would […]

  • Gary Petersen Tom Brokow has Multiple Myeloma  -  The Skin Cancer?  No!  The Blood Plasma Cell Cancer Where 1 in 5  Patients Die in The First 60 days!  Myeloma GETS NO RESPECT!
    , March 8, 2014


  • Pat Killingsworth Help kickoff Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month!
    , March 8, 2014

    Except for a few of you out west, hasn’t this been a horrific winter?  But there’s hope on the horizon!  March is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month.  Can spring be far behind? I would like to share an email I received yesterday from the International Myeloma Foundation’s (IMF) Director of Support Groups,  Robin Tuohy: At our […]

  • Pat Killingsworth Total Therapy: why patients need to speed up their learning curve!
    , March 7, 2014

    Well wasn’t that fun!  Did you read the comments from the past few days?  Things quickly deteriorated from “Our readers are amazing” to I think this group still needs an editor!  At least now I know; if there were a “sweeps week” for bloggers, all I need to do is write something derogatory about Total […]

  • Pat Killingsworth Our readers are amazing! Check this out…
    , March 6, 2014

    I knew that writing about Total Therapy–along with the word “cure”–would be controversial.  Setting science and numbers aside, some of us have made very personal, life and death treatment decisions.  It’s to be expected that we would defend our choices. Think about it.  If you had the option to start myeloma therapy using a doublet […]

  • Pat Killingsworth Does a cure for multiple myeloma already exist?
    , March 5, 2014

    We spend so much time hoping and praying for a cure.  Could it be that for some, a cure already exists? Most of you should already be familiar with Total Therapy (TT).  Developed over decades by Dr. Bart Barlogie at the University of Arkansas School of Medical Sciences (UAMS), TT is often criticized for being […]

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