Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!!! and Can Revlimid Cause Symptoms of Angina?

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  • Gary Petersen Multiple Myeloma Life Expectancy Prognosis – Is Where You Live a Key Factor in Survival?  by Gary Petersen, Pat Killingsworth, and Priya Menon
    , July 24, 2013

    Recently, I got an email from a woman in Jamaica who was beside herself because their health care system is fee- for- service.  Her mom had spent her life in public service and retired with a pension, but no health insurance    Her mother has multiple myeloma and she has exhausted her pension, savings, and the entire families’ available resources.  To quote Lisa, “We are flat broke, and [...]

  • Pat Killingsworth Best video I’ve ever watched about MDS
    , July 23, 2013

    Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) results in the bone marrow not producing enough normal blood cells for the body to function properly.  It isn’t unusual for multiple myeloma patients to develop MDS after undergoing years of chemotherapy.  I just watched the best video I’ve ever seen on this rare hematological disorder–and I’m not just saying that because [...]

  • Gary Petersen Multiple Myeloma Findings from ASCO 2013 by Dr. Shaji Kumar of Mayo Clinic –  Improve Your Life Expectancy Prognosis by Being Your Own Best Advocate
    , July 20, 2013

    Join us at the July 25th  Myeloma Cure Panel Broadcast.  As we have stated on this web site, becoming your own best advocate through self education is one of the key factors in providing the best multiple myeloma life expectancy prognosis.   One way is to sign up and listen to the Myeloma Cure Panel broadcasts.  The next one will be on July 25th, at 7:00pm EST.  Dr. Shaji Kumar of Mayo Clinic [...]

  • Pat Killingsworth Notes from a visit home
    , July 19, 2013

    My father is stable but slipping away.  It’s hard to comprehend why his condition has deteriorated so rapidly.  Three weeks ago he could speak clearly; at least for a few sentences before he lost his train of thought.  Now he can barely communicate.  He knows I’m here and seems to understand most of what I [...]

  • Jennifer Myers Building The Silver Lining
    , July 19, 2013

    It was a bright, sunny afternoon when I decided to accompany my sister-in-law to one of the local NAMI In Our Own Voice presentations at the self-help center near where we lived. I was impressed by the courage of the two women who spoke. They shared the ups and downs of their lifelong struggle with [...]

  • Pat Killingsworth I survived another “triple witching therapy hour!”
    , July 12, 2013

    What the heck is a “triple witching hour?” According to Mark Koba, Senior Business Editor for CNBC, “Witching hours occur when financial contracts—specifically options and futures—end on the third Friday of a month.  Traditionally, all contracts expire in the same hour—thus the name witching hour—usually the last hour of trading.” And the end of the [...]

  • Gary Petersen Multiple Myeloma Survival – Please remember to LIVE!
    , July 11, 2013

    Sorry friends for the absence, but I have been entirely too busy living, and have not been thinking much about Multiple Myeloma or this web site.  This has raised a question in my mind that maybe we all need to remember to just LIVE our lives and somehow leave Multiple Myeloma in the back of our minds, if at all possible.    This is so easy to say but much harder to do.  We recently moved to Atanti [...]

  • Pat Killingsworth Exercise & Multiple Myeloma: (Part Six)
    , July 8, 2013

    Welcome back from what I hope was a wonderful family holiday!  Time to get back to work.  What better way to get in the spirit of moving than the next column from our lifestyle and nutritional guru, Danny Parker… Exercise & Multiple Myeloma: (Part Six) Don Wright is on to something. Don is a rightful [...]

  • Priya Menon Happy Fourth of July!!! and Can Revlimid Cause Symptoms of Angina?
    , July 3, 2013 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Dear Cure Talk readers, Wish you all a very happy Fourth of July!!! Hope you all have a nice day and enjoy the long weekend!   I received this question from one of our Cure Panel participants and he asks, Can Revlimid cause symptoms of angina? Well, I researched a bit and this is what [...]

  • Pat Killingsworth More about MOR202
    , July 1, 2013

    Yesterday’s post generated quite a bit of interest.  Here’s what I know about CD38 and MOR202  In January 2012, a 19 year old company that specializes in human antibody research, MorphoSys, received a U.S. patent for MOR202, a fully human HuCAL antibody.  This new antibody was designed to use CD38 as a therapeutic target for [...]