Kadcyla - Antibody-drug conjugate approved!

Kadcyla - Antibody-drug conjugate approved!

Kadcyla tdm-1 Roche Genentech new breast cancer drug approved

Roche’s KADCYLA (TDM-1) Approved! What This Means To Breast Cancer Survivors

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  • Pat Killingsworth New daratumumab/Revlimid study recruiting now!
    , March 9, 2014

    There was good news on the drug development front this week.  Most myeloma experts agree that the experimental immunotherapy drug, daratumumab, is the most promising anti-myeloma drug in it’s class so far.  Recruiting for a Stage 3 study is a good sign.  Here’s an official press release about it: Genmab Announces Phase III Study of […]

  • Jennifer Myers The 50th Anniversary of Kennedy’s Community Mental Health Act
    , October 23, 2013

    An Associated Press headline from October 20th reads Kennedy’s Vision for Mental Health Never Realized. In the article, author Michelle R. Smith discusses the last piece of legislation President Kennedy signed into law, the Community Mental Health Act (CMHA). Kennedy’s vision was to reform mental health care in the U.S. by building mental health centers [...]

  • Priya Menon Dr. Carl June’s Leukemia Treatment May Replace Bone Marrow Transplantation!
    , December 10, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Research team led by Dr. Carl June at the University of Pennsylvania has made a breakthrough with leukemia treatment. Dr. June hopes that the new treatment procedure would replace bone marrow transplantation, a last resort of treatment for patients with leukemia. Dr. June is quoted in the New York Times, Our goal is to have [...]

  • Priya Menon Top 10 Selling Flu Vaccines 2012! – Gearing up for the Flu Vaccine Season
    , November 23, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

      Does the title surprise you in any way? I was genuinely surprised when I came across the title, Top 10 Selling Flu Vaccine 2012 on Fiercevaccines.com. At first glance, I presumed that I had read it wrong, but there it was, Flu Vaccine! It stood as the best example of the commercialization of medicines [...]

  • Priya Menon Detecting Cancer Dust/Microvesicles In Blood To Diagnose Brain Cancer Using Novel Nanotechnology and NMR Based Device
    , November 15, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Yesterday, I wrote about the new technique of detecting microvesicles or cancer dust in the blood thereby making it easy to monitor and detect brain tumor/glioma. The technique used to detect cancer dust is based on a combination of nanotechnology and a NMR based device. Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Center for Systems [...]

  • Priya Menon Hurricane Sandy To Hit US East Coast: Stay Safe
    , October 29, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    As the eastern coast of US braces for the biggest storm in history, hurricane Sandy, we at CureTalk hope all people who have to face the impact of nature’s fury, remain safe. Folks, stay safe. On its predicted course, hurricane Sandy is expected to devastate the US east coast. An exceptionally powerful hybrid storm, hurricane [...]

  • Nishi Roy Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation, Livestrong Surges Ahead
    , October 17, 2012

        Lance Armstrong is not just an award winning professional cycling champion, he is a terminal stage cancer survivor, who has given hope to millions of cancer warriors, that yes, cancer can be beaten and conquered successfully. Armstrong founded his $500-million charity Livestrong, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, in 1997 in Austin Texas, after he [...]

  • Nishi Roy Ketamine for Depression Relief Instantly, Most Important Discovery In 50 Years
    , October 11, 2012

    Perhaps one of the most significant discoveries to be made in the field of mental health medicine in more than 50 years is the almost instantaneous positive effect of ketamine, often referred to as the ‘club drug’ (a favorite at rave parties) on patients suffering from depression. The latest advance has recently been published in [...]

  • Nishi Roy Depression On the Rise Worldwide: WHO
    , October 10, 2012

      On the occasion of World Mental Health Day (10th October), it is imperative that as citizens of the world, we do our bit in trying to end the stigma associated with mental health problems, including depression, which is now a very common occurrence among people. 2012 happens to be a red-letter year, as the [...]

  • Nishi Roy Alzheimer Patients May Benefit from Diabetes Drug: Journal Brain Research
    , October 10, 2012

      According to a recent scientific research, drugs meant for Type II diabetes could prove to be a boon for those suffering from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. The research published in the journal Brain Research is being funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK, and conducted by researchers from the University of Ulster, UK. Activation of [...]

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