E. Michael D. Scott

E. Michael D. Scott

Mike Scott

CureTalk Interviews E. Michael D. (Mike) Scott, Co-Founder/President Prostate Cancer International and Member of the Board of Directors, The International Myeloma Foundation – Part 1

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  • Priya Menon CureTalk Interviews E. Michael D. (Mike) Scott Part 2: PSA Test, Research, and IMF
    , April 1, 2013 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Continued from Part 1… Me: Can changes in lifestyle bring about a change in risk of getting prostate cancer? Do we have any data talking about the relation between lifestyle and prostate cancer? Mike: I know of no really compelling data, available today, that show any definitive linkages between lifestyle and risk for a diagnosis [...]

  • Priya Menon Myeloma Cure Panel Participant, Richard’s Successful Multiple Myeloma Journey – I Did It My Way!
    , January 23, 2013 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Richard is a regular participant on our monthly Myeloma Cure Panels and he reached out to us to share his myeloma story with our myeloma friends. This is another aspect of Cure Panel that is coming to fore and bringing us immense joy and satisfaction. Sharing experiences and treatment options can help fellow myeloma patients [...]

  • Priya Menon Richard’s Story – Part 2: Multiple Myeloma Treatments
    , January 23, 2013 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Continuing with Richard’s story,  So, here is the past year – October, 2011 to November, 2012 – of my life as measured against my MM experience:  Looking back for a year or two, with no knowledge of what was occurring inside; I had begun to feel a bit sluggish and tired, more than usual. I [...]

  • Priya Menon Richard’s Myeloma Story Part 3: Neuropathy and Tips On Living With Myeloma
    , January 23, 2013 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Richard’s story so far…Continue to read… Neuropathy – I was at a pain level of 10 at its worst in May and June. I started taking footbaths with a TENS unit sending electrical stimulation waves into the water. It was great and very helpful. I then tried having Acupuncture treatments twice a week. These did [...]

  • Priya Menon Keith Virgin Shares Myeloma Clinical Trial (SWOG 120) Experience with CureTalk
    , November 5, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Keith is a multiple myeloma survivor, being treated at the UAMS-Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy. We recently caught up with Keith and shared his myeloma story on CureTalk. If you missed it, click here for Keith’s myeloma experience. Keith is part of a clinical trial and here we discuss the trial, and experience with [...]

  • Priya Menon Gary Petersen On Why People Beat Average Myeloma Life Expectancy Prognosis
    , November 1, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Gary Petersen is the editor of and myeloma survivor. He is a constant source of inspiration and provides his valuable inputs on myeloma through his website. Here is one of his blogs on why most myeloma patients outlive the average life expectancy prognosis. Multiple Myeloma – Why Do People Beat the Average Myeloma Life [...]

  • Priya Menon Cure Talk Interviews Matt Goldman, Multiple Myeloma Survivor, Blogger, and Myeloma Cure Panelist
    , October 22, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    Matt Goldman was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in May 2011 at the age of 49. With the help of his team of doctors, he has achieved partial remission and is currently in a maintenance phase of treatment. He had his stem cells collected in December 2011, but has no current plans to undergo a stem [...]

  • Nishi Roy Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation, Livestrong Surges Ahead
    , October 17, 2012

        Lance Armstrong is not just an award winning professional cycling champion, he is a terminal stage cancer survivor, who has given hope to millions of cancer warriors, that yes, cancer can be beaten and conquered successfully. Armstrong founded his $500-million charity Livestrong, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, in 1997 in Austin Texas, after he [...]

  • Priya Menon Dr. Yamanaka’s Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, Should He Be Awarded Nobel Prize for Ethics too!
    , October 11, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

      Dr. Yamanaka who is sharing this years’ Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine with Sir John B. Gurdon is being lauded as a person who has brought to fore the plausibility of adult stem cell research as opposed to embryo stem cell research which has always been embroiled in ethical controversies. This is the first time [...]

  • Priya Menon WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY: CureTalk Salutes Courage and Determination of Mental Health Disorder Survivors
    , October 10, 2012 Scientific Media Editor at Curetalk

    On World Health Mental Day, I would like to look back and re-connect with mental health disorder survivors who have been associated with CureTalk. By way of the patient platform, CureTalk interviewed mental health disorder survivors and shared their stories – their triumphs, their disappointments, their motivations, and most of their courage with our readers [...]