Myeloma Survivors Reaching Out Across The Globe and Connecting on Cure Panel’s Live On Air Support Group Meeting – September Meeting to Feature Paula van Riper

When myeloma survivor and author, Pat Killingsworth first suggested the idea of conducting a live on-air myeloma support group meeting broadcast on the Cure Panel Talk Show platform where we conduct a monthly talk show series on myeloma, I went in for some due diligence.

I discovered that there were plenty of cancer forums where people (patients, caregivers, family members) were connecting and discussing, their treatments and supporting each other through the tough periods. But there were no live interactions (I did find one, for alcohol and drug abuse started by Live Support Inc but seemed to have discontinued after the first broadcast)… and this is where Pat’s idea was first-of-its-kind and definitely a step in the right direction.

Even though there is no evidence which claims that support groups can extend survival time of people with cancer, preliminary research does prove that people who take part in support groups seem to live healthier and happier lives. Spending time in relation to others going through similar situations can be informative, can help in reducing stress/fear/anxiety, and thereby aid healing.

Cure Panel’s Live On-Air Myeloma Support Group has been meeting successfully over the last 4 months and have discussed topics ranging from, comparison of various myeloma treatments to empowering the patient. Over 5000 people have participated in the meetings by listening in and sending in questions for our support group leaders. The meeting is connecting people across the globe and it is a wonderful feeling to be part of this.

People from as far away as Australia are listening in and learning from Cure Panel’s Live On-Air Support Group Meetings!

Cure Panel’s live on-air support group meeting is redefining support groups by providing a forum for the myeloma community to listen and participate in support group meetings from a computer, tablet, or phone, virtually from anywhere and anonymously.

A big SHOUT OUT to Pat Killingsworth, who heads the meetings and support leaders – Matt Goldman, Cynthia Chmielewski, Sandy Hirsch, Sue Van Duyn, and Gary Petersen whose participation has helped enrich the content shared in the meetings.



The September meeting is scheduled for 30 Sept @ 6pm ET and we have a guest on the show: 13-year myeloma survivor and Assistant Dean of Students at Rutgers University, New Jersey, Paula van Riper.

Paula is leader of the Central New Jersey Support Group and was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article. Paula has been part of clinical trials and is currently on Pomalyst.

Listen to Pat Killingsworth, Matt Goldman and Cynthia Chmielewski  in conversation with Paula van Riper and ask a question LIVE, REGISTER HERE!

You can also listen to the LIVE broadcast HERE.

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