More well deserved condolences for John Knighten

I wouldn’t continue to post some much about our dear friend, John Knighten.  But this local newscast is touching and well done.  Try not to cry when John shares how his number one concern is for his wife and kids on camera a week before his death:

Spokane firefighter John Knighten passes away

I understand how hard it can be, losing someone we know from the myeloma community.  We feel exposed and raw; that might be us someday.

It’s still hard for me.

JohnSo admittedly, I try not to post too much about our fallen friends.  But this case is special.  The awareness John’s fight has raised in his region–including Seattle–should be some solace for his wife and friends.  I know it is for me.

Rest in piece, dear friend.  Tomorrow I have more exciting research news and some important follow-up.  Sounds like some of the new drugs in the myeloma pipeline may prove to be more helpful than I would have thought–and with new FDA rules, they may be available to us in a matter of a few short years.

Too bad they weren’t here in time to help John.  But honestly, his myeloma was so aggressive and destructive I’m not sure any new therapy would have been enough.

Like lymphoma, you can expect to see 80% of patients living chronically with their myeloma for decades.  But there will be 15-20% of patients that just can’t catch a break; cases like John’s.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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