Our dear friend John has moved on

If you haven’t been following the comments following Saturday’s post, John Knighten has died.

I have written so much about him the past ten months there doesn’t seem to be much more to say.  Here are the last thoughts his wife, Shawna, shared on facebook since his passing:

Dearest family & friends,
it is with a broken heart that I tell you John passed away at 9:05 tonight (Sunday). He was surrounded with all of us by his side as he took his last breath. He fought bravely right to the very end. His ladder crew just happened to be on shift today so Ladder 4 came and placed a flag over John’s body and they personally carried him out of our home. I will post funeral information as we make our final arrangements. I can not thank you enough for all of the love and caring support each of you have shown us every step of the way through our difficult journey.

John’s memorial service will be held on Monday July 8th at 1pm. The address is 334 W Spokane Falls Blvd at the Convention Center. Some of you have asked about flowers, they can be sent to our home or Hennessey Smith Funeral Home. Thank you so much for all the kind messages you have posted.

John was one tough guy!  But tough and determined or not, sometimes myeloma can’t be stopped.  In John’s case, the myeloma didn’t win.  No, we’re the winners!  Knowing John–or reading his story–has been so heartwarming and inspirational; the myeloma can’t take that away.

I know it’s tough.   But please try and keep smiling!  Pat

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