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How To Access Cure Panel Talk Show Broadcasts

Cure Panel Talk Shows are broadcast live on BlogTalkRadio. Anyone from anywhere in the world can access these shows using a telephone or a computer.

1)      Dial-in Using your Phone: If you want to be among the first 50 who register for the event and be able to ask a question live on the show to the expert/panel, you can dial-in using your phone to the show on the number sent to you from CureTalk. The number is also available on the Cure Panel Talk Show event page.
2)      Listen to show on Computer:  If you do not have a question for our panel/expert, but would still like to listen in to the show on your computer; you can listen to the live-streaming of the broadcast on BTR website using the cure panel talk show link which will be sent to you once you register for the event or mail
3)      Access Show using SKYPE: If you are not in the US, but would like to participate in the show you can access the show using Skype. Anyone can access live Cure Panel Talk shows using the SKYPE button on the BTR Cure Panel Talk Show event page. This is free of charge for all callers but you would need a registered Skype account to avail this. All you need to do is to click on the Skype button highlighted and call the dial-in number  through your skype account.
4)      Listen to recorded Broadcasts: If the broadcast time is not convenient for you, you may listen to the recorded broadcast of the shows using the BTR Cure Panel Talk Show event page link which will be made available on Cure Talk website/sent to you. 
5)     Download and Listen: You can also download and listen to the recorded broadcasts. Click on the ‘Download this episode’ button and listen to it at your leisure. 


6)      Archived Broadcasts: You can listen to archived broadcasts of Cure Panel Talk Shows by checking  out Cure Panel Talk Show page on BTRand CLICKING on any archived broadcast of your choice to listen to it.


7)       You can mail me for all Cure Panel Talk Show/Cure Talk related information.

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