‘A Good Caregiver Is The Number One Stress Reducer’ Say Panelists in The Cure Panel Talk Show on Myeloma with Don Baylor and Dr. Berenson – LISTEN HERE!!!


Impact of Stress and Managing Stress while Living with Myeloma’ was the topic of discussion on The Cure Panel Talk Show with MLB Coach Don Baylor, myeloma expert Dr. James Berenson from IMBCR and myeloma author/blogger Pat Killingsworth. The show was co-hosted by myeloma survivor/blogger Matt Goldman.


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Matt’s questions on stress and myeloma got the panel talking on the various aspects and effects that stress had on a patient’s well being.

It was really an honor to have Don Baylor with us on the panel and he had his wife, Becky too with him. So, we got to meet/hear both Don Baylor and his wife on the show. Don was extremely patient and seemed to be enjoying the discussion on stress and myeloma. Don said that stress has been part of his life and coming from a sports background …

‘it’s forever’

But he clarifies myeloma related stress is very different and it was with help from his better half that he was doing good and was fine. Don was diagnosed with myeloma in 2003, which makes him a 10-year survivor. In reply to Jack Aiello’s question on what would be his #1 recommendation for a newly diagnosed myeloma patient, Don said that

there is lot of hope.

He elucidated that back in 2003 there were lesser options and less information, unlike now, when we have new drugs and whole lot of information to educate a patient. Don’s ‘abnormally’ quick recovery from his stem cell transplant awed everyone on the show including the listeners. Don was very clear as to myeloma not affecting his game adversely and that he is keeping himself active and healthy since he wants to be around his two granddaughters. Don attributed his triumph over cancer completely to Becky, his wife/caregiver who made sure that he followed his treatment regimen strictly.

All panelists were in unison when Pat said that,

A good caregiver is the number one stress reducer!

Pat went on to ask Don how he managed to do all the travelling that his profession required during his treatment and hearing Don speak about the difficulties of being on Dex commented, that it is inspiring to know that a superstar baseball player too underwent similar health discomforts as he and Matt did. Pat’s words of stress and myeloma pointed towards finding a comfortable balance of remaining healthy and living life with myeloma which every individual have to carve out by himself. One way towards this balance would be to educate yourself regarding your own treatments.

Dr. Berenson lamented on the fact that medical research did not have enough studies/data which brought out the effect of stress on myeloma or other cancers. He did agree that most of the cancer drugs like Imids/dex etc had adverse effects on mental functions. Dr. Berenson reiterated that his philosophy of treatment is about taking care of the person and not the disease alone. He went on to say,

Maintain your life. Don’t let disease take over.

We had time to take questions from listeners and Gary Petersen called in with his set of questions for the panel. Dr. Berenson and the panelists answered quite a few submitted questions by registered participants too.

Overall, I felt that it was a pleasant discussion. Panelists seemed to be at ease and there was laughter and absolutely NO STRESS!

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