Miraculous Survival From Stage 4 Brain Cancer


Defying all odds, Heather Knies overcomes grade 4 brain cancer. PiC Courtesy: Inquisitr 

Do you believe in miracles? I know a lot of people who do not. But, what would you say to a young mother surviving grade 4 gioblastoma, and coming out completely unscathed and leading a perfectly healthy life now? (It is the same cancer, which killed Senator Edward Kennedy in 2010) Nothing, short of a medical miracle! Even the doctors are stunned at her complete recovery.

The miraculous survival story of Heather Knies has been reported in The Inquisitr. At the young age of 24, when Knies was on the threshold of beginning a new life post her graduation, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Since it was grade 4 when diagnosed, Knies was given just 6 more months to live!

Readers will be amazed to know that those 6 months have come and gone, Knies is now 32-years-old, and has a husband and 7-month-old daughter to share her happiness and life with.

As a part of her treatment procedure Knies was treated with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Knies is healthy and the best part, she has absolutely no neurological side effects from cancer or the various treatments.

 Dr. Robert Spetzler, the director of the Barrow Neurological Institute, sharing his views about this amazing recovery said,

While cancers vary from patient to patient, in my 35 years as a neurosurgeon in the United States, I have never seen such a triumph against a stage 4 glioblastoma. It’s one of the most malignant tumors there is. Invariably it will come back and pop up somewhere else in the brain and it’s uniformly fatal. It’s not unheard of that that a few survive — it’s a bell curve and there are outliers. But in her case, not only has she survived, but she is perfectly normal and there is absolutely no evidence of a tumor on her MRI scan.

So what is the possible reason for such a miraculous recovery, defying all possible medical odds?

Knies has an answer to that. She says,

One being, God had a plan for me. I also had a great team of doctors and wonderful family and friends with a positive attitude. The mind is so much more powerful than anyone can imagine. People believe that when they get cancer, it will kill them. But I never once thought that.

Knies’ amazing death-defying survival story has reiterated my belief in positive thinking and good vibes.  So while you get your medications from the experts, try and always surround yourself with people and circumstances that uplift you, rather than pull you down.

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