Top 10 2012 Parenting Trends

 2012; a few more days and the year would close. End-of-the-year and I invariably look forward to knowing about the top 10 trends of the year. While browsing and reading through, I came across the top 10 parenting trends reported in TIME.

  •  Martyr mom: Uh oh! Now, the term ‘martyr’ attached to mom does not conjure up a happy image. As per research, stay-at-home mothers suffer a greater sense of martyrdom, depression, sadness and anger, than mothers who work even for a few hours. My suggestion is, even if it is for an hour, do something. 2013 is a good time to start!
  • Clueless dad: This stereotype refused to die even in 2012.  This meme, of bumbling incompetent dads, was all over in popular media, like movies, adverts and sitcoms. Sigh, even the U.S. Census Bureau considers mothers the ‘designated parent’!
  • Breast-feeding: 

Breast-feeding continues to heat up discussions

Continues to raise eyebrows and heat up discussions. That’s really sad. It is supposed to be natural progression post childbirth, is it not? Does not look like. Breasts seem to be losing their functionality, but not their sexual reference.

  • Slow parenting:That is by spending time doing things together at a leisurely pace, instead of making children go through innumerable extracurricular activities. Tranquility and slowing down are the key words here.
  • Too old to be dad: Yes, the men need to buck up. The old myth that being a man, one never runs out of the right time to father kids, is not true at all. Older men risk having babies with a host of medical issues like autism and schizophrenia.
  • Freezing the biological clock: Egg freezing, by women for conception down the road, is to further pick up in 2013, thanks to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine lifting the ‘experimental’ tag from this technique.
  • Motherhood penalty:

Work-breaks due to motherhood. Women in 2012 continued to pay this career penalty.

This is not a happy trend. Women at work, continue to pay penalty on the career front, when they opt for work-breaks on account of motherhood.

  • Reality checks for new moms: Learning to successfully drop those pounds post childbirth and baby! Trivia: apparently Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow relied on Spanx post daughter Apple’s birth! So, you see, it is not just mere mortals who have weight issues post baby, even the celebs do!
  • Having it, or not having it all: This is a tough one. Some women like Anne-Marie Slaughter agree with ‘Why Women Still Can’t Have It All’, while another high profiler Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, says she has it all, and actually logs off from work everyday at 5.30 to be home for dinner with the kids. I feel this striking the fine sense of work-home-balance is a personal equation.
  • Pregnant CEO: Marissa Mayer of Yahoo surely! With her decision to almost completely forgo her maternity leave, she puts immense pressure on other women, who would be expected to emulate Mayer’s feat when they get pregnant.

Marissa Mayer, CEO Yahoo, puts immense pressure on working women across the world, by forgoing her maternity leave almost completely.

I am in agreement with Ellen Galinsky, president of Families and Work Institute,

She should not have to become the symbol of her generation.


All Pics Image Courtesy: TIME

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