Brain Tumor: List of 5 Non Profit Organizations in the US

Brain tumor symptoms

Brain tumor non-profit organizations.

Brain is the most complex organ in the human body and there are more than 120 different types of brain tumors, affecting over 40,000 Americans each year. Apart from the timely diagnosis and proper treatment, patients need physical and emotional support. There are fairly a large number of non profit organizations in America to fund strategic research and support patients with brain tumor in terms of education, information along with raising awareness and funds for the cause.


Listed below are 5 non profit organizations battling against brain tumor,


American Brain Tumor Association 

Founded in 1973, by two mothers – Linda Gene Goldstein and Susan Netchin Kramer, The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) was the first national non profit organization dedicated exclusively to brain tumor research. It provides critical funding to research based breakthroughs in brain tumor diagnosis, treatment, and care, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure. The ABTA is also the recognized resource for comprehensive information and support for the brain tumor patients, families, and caregivers who are living with this disease.

Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada 

Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada is a national, not-for- profit organization dedicated to every Canadian affected by brain tumor through support, education, information, and research.

National Brain Tumor Foundation 

National Brain Tumor Society is a nonprofit organization aspiring to find a cure and improve the quality of life for those affected by brain tumors. They fund strategic research, deliver support services, and promote collaboration. The organization has its offices at San Francisco, Boston and Philadelphia.

Get Your Head In The Game

“Get your head in the game” is an initiative of National Brain Tumor Society to create a game changer for the brain tumor. The organization’s motto is to bring national spotlight to brain tumor and educate the public and medical professionals about facts, symptoms, and proper diagnosis techniques. The organization is located in Wilmington, Delware.

Florida Brain Tumor Association, Inc.

This organization  provide hope, support, and education to brain tumor survivors, their families and friends to enrich the quality of life of those touched by brain tumor. The organization is dedicated to supporting research to explore new avenues in brain tumor cure.


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