Alzheimer’s-Diabetes Connection, Diet, and Diabetes Type 3

Insulin linked to Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s is Type 3 Diabetes!


Diabetes Type 3! You probably would not have heard of this type of diabetes (at least I had not until I began following Alzheimer’s disease). Many researchers have been calling Alzheimer’s as type 3 diabetes since 2005. Apparently, it has been discovered that when the brain cells become insulin resistant, there is less energy due to lower intake of glucose, leading to memory loss, confusion, and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Insulin- resistance, cause of Alzheimer’s!

Have to admit that it took me too by surprise. Why does our brain need insulin?

Insulin resistance in brain

Insulin resistance in brain.

Logically thinking, cells pick up glucose from the bloodstream and this glucose is metabolized to usable form of energy. Insulin aids the cells in this process. In the brain, insulin facilitates absorption of glucose by the neurons thereby keeping the brain healthy and active. A decrease in insulin level naturally indicates a reduced brain function. This could be the reason why people suffering from diabetes are at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Diet, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s

A latest Bittman article in New York Times, introduced me to the connection between junk food/processed food and Alzheimer’s. Now, high sugary foods, fat laden food, and every other kind of junk food, we all know is the trigger for type 2 diabetes. When our body is given too much of sugar (read junk food) insulin levels are elevated to such heights that cells become insulin-resistant. This occurs in the brain cells too and when cells in the brain become insulin resistant, there is loss of memory and disorientation sets in…Alzheimer’s.

So, let’s get the logical reasoning notebook out…


Junk food linked to Alzheimer's

Link between diet and Alzheimer’s established.


Hence, it follows that DIET IS LINKED TO ALZHEIMER’S. Gone are the days when you believed that Alzheimer’s was something you got by chance.

You could very well be preparing to push your brain into the Alzheimer’s abyss by gorging on all those fatty fries, sodas, and pastries!

Bring about a change in lifestyle and eating habits by including plenty of organic produce, fruits, and vegetables into your diet and educate your children about healthy eating right from a young age!

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