Effect Of Yoga And Meditation On Metabolic Syndrome: Study By Khatri et al.

yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation has a significant effect on metabolic syndrome.

Clinical and biochemical parameters of metabolic syndrome were monitored to study the effect of yoga and meditation. The study has since been published in the Journal of Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. The main aim was to find the effect of practice of yoga postures and meditation on metabolic syndrome presented as abnormal β-pancreatic cells, defects in target tissue due to genetic as well as environmental causes, and circulating insulin antagonists.


Yoga and meditation has been the part and parcel of traditional treatment systems. However, there is very less scientific evidence in support of the huge potential healing capacity that yoga and meditation harbor. Yoga lifestyle for those involved in the study included a vegetarian diet and body postures. Transcendental meditation is a technique that treats stress related illness.


A randomized case control study involving 101 patients was conducted.

  • The patients were divided into two groups based on these parameters:
      • Mean age
      • BMI
      • Waist circumference
      • Systolic blood pressure
      • Diastolic blood pressure
      • Fasting blood sugar
      • HbA1c
      • Serum triglyceride
      • HDL cholesterol
  • Group I received normal care while Group II received yogic treatment for 3 months in addition to the usual care.
  • t-test was used for analyzing significant changes.

Results and Conclusion

Results after a period of 3 months indicated that there was significant improvement in most of the parameters monitored in the study group. Thus, the study concluded that practice of yoga in combination with usual care is safe and effective in improving biochemical and clinical parameters of metabolic syndrome.

Authors of the study include  Khatri D, Mathur KC, Gahlot S, Jain S, Agrawal RP .

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