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Clinical Trial on Venous Leg Ulcers In Fresno, CA

Venous leg ulcer clinical trial

Clinical Trial on Venous Leg Ulcers In Fresno, CA

Jagpreet S. Mukker DPM is currently enrolling patients for a clinical study of a new treatment that may help in curing venous leg ulcers.

You can participate in the study if you:

  • Have ulcer between ankle and knee
  • Have an ulcer smaller than your palm or bigger than a thumbnail

The study is being conducted in Fresno, CA and if you are interested in participating in the study be ready to wear compression bandages and be available for regular visits for up to 6months.

To get in touch with the study personnel just use the form.

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    I wish we had a trial like this in Miami, fl . I’ve had cvi for 2 yrs now and I’m only 38..