Pat Killingsworth Pat Killingsworth

Wins and losses–good days and bad. It sure is great to be alive!

What an exciting Rose Bowl!  Our beloved Badgers played hard, but I think Oregon was just better.  Can’t win them all, right?

Last year Wisconsin also lost a close Rose Bowl game.  TCU ended-up ranked second in the country.  They were good, but I thought Wisconsin didn’t play their best game. Yet the Badgers were only a missed two point conversion away from taking that game into overtime.

The same can’t be said for last night.  I wish we could have won, but it’s hard to be too upset when your team loses to a group as fast and experienced as Oregon.

Even so, UW was close to scoring a last second touchdown which would have tied the game–they just ran out of time.

Running out of time is something those of us living with multiple myeloma understand all too well.  But that was just a game.  Our struggle is truly about life and death.

Makes it a bit easier to get over a close loss like last night.  Wins and losses–good days and bad.  It sure is great to be alive!

Happy New Year, everyone!  It’s a bit late, but tomorrow I’m going to share my New Year’s resolutions with you–including the details of a new curcumin-based supplement plan I started last week.

Until then, here’s hoping we are all still together to celebrate the new year in 2013!  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat