Pat Killingsworth Pat Killingsworth

Late night medical update

Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful calls, emails and comments.  But it’s OK–I’m OK.

But even though I argued with the doctor on call here at the hospital late this afternoon, he/we made the decision it would be best for me to spend one more night.

I didn’t talk with either of my doctors (being stuck in the hospital over the weekend can be frustrating), I get the feeling my lower GI issues were bacterial, not viral.

The first clue:  I have made an almost miraculous recovery after three courses of IV antibiotics.

The second clue:  The nurses just hit me with not one or two, but three different antibiotic infusions.  My guess is one of  my blood cultures must have shown something bacterial was going on.

Regardless, I’m feeling a lot better; just a little loopy from so many antibiotics, so fast.  Have any of you ever experienced that antibiotic “buzz?”  I can only guess what it’s doing to my intestinal tract.  But in this case, maybe that’s a good thing.

My fever is normal, I’m no longer neutropenic and I should be released tomorrow mid-day.  So no worries!  I’m back “on air” and ready to rock and roll!

I get my next numbers late next Friday afternoon.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat