Pat Killingsworth Pat Killingsworth

I’m soooo sick!

I want to apologize.  I try to publish my posts each day by 10 am Eastern time.

Well, it’s now 3 PM.  I just received a call from a reader, wondering if I’m OK.  I love that!

Unfortunately, I’m not OK.  Two weeks ago I spent close to a week recovering from the worst cold I’ve experienced in a decade.  The title of an article I wrote about the experience said it all:

Medical Update:  I want my old immune system back!

Seven months after my auto stem cell transplant, It’s easy to forget that my new immune system is still developing–and I’m vulnerable to all kind of “bugs.”

Yesterday was Velcade day.  My blood counts are a bit low, but pretty good considering I have been on full dose RVD for three months.

So even though I felt bad all day yesterday, I still took my 25 mg Revlimid, too.

Probably not a great idea when I’m being hammered by diarrhea and a stomach that feels like it’s tied-up in knots.  I did skip the dex.  I’ll take that as soon as I start to feel better later this week.

I’m so stubborn!  I refuse to let a a headache and lower GI issues slow me down.  So off I went to a LLS support group meeting, feeling pretty lousy.

After two hours–and several rushed trips to the rest room–I could barely keep my eyes open.

The group is small and intimate.  Good people–and we really care about each other.

I’m going to write about my support group experience tomorrow.   I felt so bad I broke down and cried as I shared how I felt vulnerable and fearful about my uncertain future.

What I didn’t realize at the time was I was I had a fever of between 102 and 103.

My fever is still hanging around, but after sleeping most of the day, I am starting to feel better.  I called my medical oncologist, Dr. Malhotra, and he prescribed cipro (ciprofloxacin), which I believe is standard in cases like this.

If this would have happened a few months back, I would be in he hospital.  But now I’m in a “grey area.”  Since my temperature hasn’t continued to climb–and Ive been able to get my diarrhea under control–I’m thinking I just need to ride this out.

Like my serious cold,I haven’t had a temperature this high for more than a decade.  As a former teacher, I had built-up quite a tough immune system.

But that was then and this is now.  This feels a lot like I did about six weeks post-SCT.  Oh the memories!  Feeling so bad I could barely sit-up and write.

Time to crash.  Hopefully I will feel a bit better tomorrow.  Wish me luck!  All I know is I want to stay out of the hospital in the worst way.  After all, that’s how you really get sick!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat