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Dr. Paul Richardson reviews encouraging trial results from ASH

Medscape Today has released an excellent written and video review of multiple myeloma-related news from ASH.

Dr. Paul Richardson, well known myeloma specialist with Dana-Farber in Boston, kicks things off by reviewing results from several exciting new, experimental drugs that his research group are studying.

MLN9708, an oral proteasome inhibitor, and marizomib, a particularly potent proteasome inhibitor, derived from a type of marine organism.

Dr. Richardson describes marizomib as “probably the most potent of clinically usable agents that we have seen to date (in the laboratory).

He then moves on to discuss a number of other important clinical study results, including those for pomalidomide, panobinostat and perifosine.

I was encouraged to learn just how many different combination studies–using these and other drugs in combination with Revlimid and/or Velcade–that are currently underway.

As I have stressed before, I believe the key to extending our overall survival–in the short term, while we wait for another “big time” breakthrough–is mixing and matching a number of these drugs until we find the combinations that work best.

Dr. Richardson’s 16 minute video is well worth a look.  It’s the best ASH review I’ve seen.  CLICK HERE to access it.

Tune-in tomorrow to read the third installment of Danny Parker’s series about diet, supplements and multiple myeloma.

Until then, feel good and keep smiling!  Pat