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CHEMO DRUG SHORTAGE UPDATE: No Doxil available for a year or more…

The Wall Street Journal’s Peter Loftus reports that:

“Johnson & Johnson doesn’t expect to receive new supplies of its cancer drug Doxil from a troubled contract manufacturer’s plant until late 2012, at the earliest.

J&J will pursue other options to bring Doxil back to patients, including shifting production to another supplier, spokeswoman Lisa Vaga said Friday.

Problems at J&J’s sole supplier for Doxil, Ben Venue Laboratories Inc., caused a shortage of the drug beginning about six months ago. J&J and Ben Venue have managed to squeeze out periodic batches to patients since then, but about 1,000 remain on a waiting list to receive Doxil, which treats ovarian cancer and multiple myeloma…”

That’s unfortunate.  Although Doxil isn’t anywhere near the best anti-myeloma therapies, it is one of only a half dozen FDA approved drugs available at this time.

It was suggested that I add Doxil to my RVD consolidation therapy regimen a few months ago, following my failed auto SCT.  But I didn’t even have that option–there wasn’t enough Doxil available to start new patients.

Let’s hope any shortages can be solved sometime in 2012.

As if multiple myeloma patients don’t have enough to worry about…

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat