Jenny Moire Was Able To Get Rid Of Her Breast Cancer, But Her Lifestyle Changed Completely In The Process…

Yoga for strength against cancer

Yoga for strength against cancer

Jenny Moire,  a 41 year old, enjoyed running, travelling, evenings out with friends, and running her own communications consulting business in Washington. However she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, which brought her fast- paced life to a halt.

Jenny was confident to sail through it, and tried to tackle it by doing research, delegating responsibilities, and making schedules, like any other project in her life. But challenges of chemotherapy were very hard to tackle while living alone and running a company. As she sought advice from other survivors, one of the women gave her advice that changed her life.

The Reset Button

Moire decided to move back to her hometown of St. Louis which she had left 20 years earlier for a better life, and take a break from work which was the best option for her and her clients. This was like hitting the reset button for an independent woman, who was now surrounded by her parents, childhood friends and five siblings including her twin sister. But now she had someone to take care of her and she could concentrate completely on her treatment.

Benefit of Yoga During Cancer Treatment

One of the biggest gifts of the slower pace for Moire was her inspiration for yoga. She started to take her free classes at Bit Bend yoga in Webster Groves through the cancer support community, which helped her with the soreness and fatigue of cancer treatment. Yoga also balanced out her gym workouts and runs, and also gave her flexibility and strength which enhanced her overall well- being.

A psychologist who works with the cancer patients said that yoga and meditation can help patients to achieve a sense of peace because during cancer treatment they are under huge physical and psychological stress.

By the end of last year Moire had completed her treatment which included chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery at Siteman Cancer Centre at Barnes- Jewish hospital. Her cancer was gone and her prognosis was favorable.

So what do we learn here. That family support, alternative treatments like yoga can make a difference in cancer management
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