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Anyone who has Multiple Myeloma (MM) is always on the battle field.  Every MM warrior (forget the word patient or sufferer) is fighting for their own life as well as those of future MM warriors because, let’s face it, there is still a long way to go to improving medicines for people with MM.

I know there is never any time-off from the MM battle field, but a few of my multiple myeloma blogging buddies are on the front lines so to speak.  They are in the hospital, gearing up for a SCT or are undergoing a particularly rough patch.

Let’s all send em some love!!  And if you or if you know someone who needs some lovin’, then leave a comment with links please.

– Pat Killingsworth is on day 6 post SCT.  He is at the spa ~ahem~ I mean Moffit BMT Center in Florida and is beginning to bug the nurses! (That means he is feeling better) Let’s encourage Pat to stay on this trajectory by commenting on his “multiplemyeloma” blog!

– John Snippe is getting Chemo (Velcade/ Decadron/ Valacylovirebut) and he’s experiencing mouth sores, fatigue, neuropathy and I am sure other lovely things. Let’s send him some comfort by commenting on his “Snip’s multiple myeloma safari” blog!

– Sean Tiernan is looking into getting his second stem cell transplant.  He had an autologous one that did not work. This time the donor cells will come from his brother.  Let’s all wish Sean clarity, peace and luck during this information gathering stage as he gears up for a potential Day-0 in September.  Here is Sean’s “my life with myeloma” blog!

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

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