Senator Gabrielle Giffords, ready to leave hospital after miraculous healing

Senator Gabrielle Giffords, photo taken in may by P.K. Weis/

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, photo taken in May by P.K. Weis/

Congresswoman Giffords is close to leaving the hospital and is ready to go home.

CureTalk wrote about her healing after the tragic shooting she was a victim of in January this year. She received all kinds of therapy including music therapy which helped get some of her speech back. She is now able to speak in short one to two word sentences and is able to ambulate on her own.

Congresswoman Giffords has received amazing care at TIRR Memorial Hermann, the Houston based rehabilitation hospital she has been visiting. Thanks to modern science and a loving network of family, friends and staff, her recovery has been remarkable.  Here is a quote from her spokesman as posted by the NY Times

“You see a resilient, upbeat and very positive woman,” Mr. Karamargin, the spokesman for Ms. Giffords said. “What is very amazing to me and my colleagues is unless you knew what happened on Jan. 8, it’s impossible to tell she is a woman who suffered a point-blank bullet wound to the brain less than six months ago.”

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4 thoughts on “Senator Gabrielle Giffords, ready to leave hospital after miraculous healing

    • You are right, she is technically a congresswoman now, but has been a senator for many years, so the name just has more of a ring to it. I’ll change the blog.


      – Kim

  1. Giffords was in the Arizona State Senate for just two years before being elected to Congress. She is not “tecActor philip lintonhnically” a congresswoman–she IS a congresswoman. Senator has “more of a ring to it”??? Maybe so, whatever that means, but it is wrong nonetheless. Sounds like someone didn’t pay attention in civics class! Nice try at covering your error but…

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