Young man has hand amputation to recieve bionic hand [Video]

Patrick and his new hand

A young Austrian man named Patrick opted to amputate his hand, so that would receive a new, and some say improved bionic hand. Last year, at age 24, after 3 years of losing the fingers of his left hand in a work accident, Patrick took the advice of his surgeon, had his left hand removed, and received a bionic hand.
Earlier this week, the second person to elect to amputate his hand received another bionic hand 10 years after a serious motorcycle accident left his hand paralyzed.

The bionic hands are created by a German company called Otto Bock. The mechanical hand is equipped with 6 electrodes that sense neurological impulses sent to muscles through the forearm.

Here is a video of Patrick demonstrating his new hand, which even has super human abilities:

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  1. Wow!! thats courageous. Kudos Pat. I can even imagine what would have gone through your mind before deciding. Good luck to you !

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