List of Schools for ADHD kids in North East

Barnstable Academy
Oakland, New Jersey
Tel: 201-651-0200
The school’s mission is to maximize the potential of each student through a program that builds self-esteem. It helps students suffering from ADHD.

Eagle Hill School
Hardwick, Massachusetts
Tel: 413-477-6000
It is a college preparatory boarding school for students diagnosed with LD and ADHD, with average to above-average cognitive ability

The Gow School
South Wales, New York
Tel: 716-652-3450
The Gow School Summer Program combines five weeks of learning with fun. Gow offers classes for boys and girls, ages 8-16, who have experienced academic difficulties or have diagnosed specific learning differences, but who have potential to excel.

Landmark College
Putney, Vermont
Tel: 802-387-6718
This college helps students with LD and ADHD, as “learn how to learn” in new ways to become successful and independent. Two-year associate degrees prepare graduates to complete their bachelor’s at top colleges and universities.

Oak Meadow
Brattleboro, Vermont
Tel: 802-251-7250
Oak Meadow offers innovative and independent learning materials and curricula for homeschooling families, grades K-12. It is also an internationally accredited distance learning institution, K-12.

Summit ADHD Center of Excellence
Getzville, New York
Tel: 716-629-3445
Comprehensive services include a clinic, consulting to public schools, and a six-week evidence-led Summer Treatment Program (STP) for children in grades 1-10. An overnight board option is available.

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