“Relay for Life” – Prepare to be moved [video]

OK. I admit, I shed a few years while watching this video.  I am the daughter of two cancer survivors and the grandchild of some grandparents who were not as lucky.  I KNOW cancer research works, and later in my life, I will probably come to know that research works much more intimately as I am at very high risk for developing cancer.

Last summer, a colleague and I were talking about all night fundraising events.  I was telling her about these 24 hour meditation marathons that I do, and she shared with me about these “Relay for Life” fundraising events that she would help put on in Texas.  She told me about an all night walk, about her boyfriend’s band that would play at midnight, and about the great food and craft booths happening there…it sounded like a party!  I never really got what they were about until I saw this video:

Here is another great video explaining what these events are all about. Anyone can sponsor these fundraisng events. There are over 3 million people who have participated in them since 1984. This is such a great way to engage people in learning more about cancer, supporting research and strengthening the community of people passionate about winning the fight against cancer. Kudos for the American Cancer Society for supporting this grass-roots and community based, fundraising initiative.

Part of the Relay for Life where loved ones lost to cancer are remembered

And to further promote cancer research, here is a listing of some cancer clinical trials:

[LIST_TRIALS condition=”cancer”]

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