Susan Harris and other famous people with Chronic Fatigue

Several people including famous celebrities have been affected with Chronic Fatigue. One of the celebrities suffering Chronic Fatigue is Susan Harris. He was born in 1940.

Susan Harris

Susan Harris Chronic Fatigue new treatments clinical trials.

Susan Harris, Chronic fatigue

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2 thoughts on “Susan Harris and other famous people with Chronic Fatigue

  1. The middle photo is Betty White and NOT Susan Harris. Although Susan Harris IS 70 years old and Betty White is 89 years old. Susan Harris was born in 1940 and Betty White was born in 1922. The first photo of Susan Harris was taken sometime between the late 1970s-1980s. That first and last photo could not be what Susan Harris looks like today at 70 and the middle photo is definately Betty White as she is wearing the same exact outfit, lipstick color and hair style with the very same “Emmys” back ground on numerous images and wikipedia stating that this middle phoro IS Betty White not Susan Harris. I thought at first that she looked at lot like Betty White and with some research found that this is indeed Betty White,although, the ball is not far from the pitcher’s mitt in the age group of 20 years difference. When you hit 70 you are Blessed if you are healthy and happy and secondly, it doesn’t matter if you are closer to Betty White’s age grouping or not, the club is pretty much the same whether you are 70 or 89. But there are differences in how you feel according to the way that a person lives.

  2. typo on “photo” : ” …..wikipedia stating that this middle PHOTO…” NOT {phoro)…sorry about that error.

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