How do You Know if a Myeloma Treatment is Working?

This is indeed an often asked question by several Multiple Myeloma patients. They are interesting in knowing if the current treatment they are taking is working as intended or not.

Hence i pulled this little blurb from the MMRF’s Multiple Myeloma handbook for patients. Here is what it says

“During and after treatment, your doctor will monitor you levels of M protein and your symptoms. Your doctor may also perform some of the laboratory tests and medical procedures that were done when you are were diagnosed with myeloma, such as blood tests, x-rays, or bone marrow biopsy. All of these results show how well the treatment os working and whether you are experiencing any side effects. these tests also help determine if after an initial response to treatment, your melanoma relapses.

In clinical trial, the outcome of treatment in Myeloma is defined using very specific standards, or criteria. these ‘response criteria’, allow the relative effectiveness of one treatment to be compared with other treatments. ”

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