Sources Of Financial Aid For Multiple Myeloma Patients – Little Extras Which Can Help A Lot

Yesterday I started my four part series to help patients and caregivers pay for the incredibly high cost of treatment by touching on two possible major sources of funding; the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) co-pay program and the Chronic Relief Fund.

A reader emailed me with what they felt was the easiest way to get through the process. His suggestion? Start with the American Cancer Society.

Good advice! The ACS offers programs to help finance living expenses for the families of children with cancer.  The organization may also be able to help with insurance for cancer patients. Because although the ACS’ primary focus isn’t reimbursing patients directly for their medically related expenses, the group can hook-you-up with groups who can.

And let’s not forget the ACS Hope Lodges, located near a number of major cancer centers across the country. I will be staying at the Hope Lodge next to Moffitt Cancer Center while I recover from my scheduled stem cell transplant this June. Did I mention there is no cost for the service?

On to some small but very helpful programs which can make our lives easier as we navigate our way through treatment.

The LLS offers a small but helpful financial aid grant to any diagnosed multiple myeloma patient, regardless of their income.  This amount–typically around $150 a year–should be available by filling out a simple, one page form.

Speaking of $150, how does up to $150 a quarter to help pay your medical transportation costs sound?  CancerCare’s Door to Door program does just that.

There are also programs where people volunteer to help clean your home or fly you to far away treatments free of charge.

I am out of my home office today, traveling to Atlanta to speak to a group of patients and caregivers.  I will get you links to lots of helpful programs on Thursday.

Tomorrow I will share some thoughts after listening to Dr. Carlos Franco with Georgia Cancer Specialists give a talk about the hows and whys of stem cell transplants.  I will also post some information about financial options available to Canadian patients.

Until then, feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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